19 July 2013 Glasgow | Gilbert Scott Conference Suite, University of Glasgow

A training event organised by APARSEN, presented in collaboration with TIMBUS, SCAPE, EUDAT and the IMPACT Centre, and sponsored by the European Commission.

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This week-long event, hosted by the Digital Preservation Coalition at the University of Glasgow will bring together representatives from projects and organisations at the leading edge of digital preservation research, providing attendees with training at an advanced level. The training will aim to cover issues across the complete digital preservation life-cycle by addressing topics within four main themes: Governance and Management, Digital Object/Data Creation, Preservation Planning, and Infrastructure.

The course is a distinctive addition to digital preservation training activities in Europe and is the first iteration of what is to become a yearly training event, bringing together those at the forefront of digital preservation research and training. It is intended for managers and staff already working in digital preservation. It assumes a working knowledge of existing standards like the Open Archival Information System - OAIS - as well as an understanding of how issues of preservation apply to their own institution. An optional half-day digital preservation ‘boot-camp’ will be held prior to the commencement of the main course for those wishing a refresher on key concepts.


This training event is co-funded by the European Community’s 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development FP7/2007-2013 – ICT-2009.4.1: Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation (grant agreement No 269977), the APARSEN Project.

What Will We Do?

Using a mix of presentations, practical exercises, case studies, group discussion and tool demonstrations, the training event will examine four main themes encompassing issues across the digital preservation lifecycle.

The final syllabus will be confirmed prior to the event but topics covered will include the following (amongst others):

Governance and Management of Digital Preservation Services

  • Cost-Modelling for digital preservation
  • Digital preservation policies
  • Legalities life-cycle management
  • Audit and certification of digital preservation services

Digital Object/Data Creation:

  • Digital preservation in digitisation workflow
  • PIDs / Handles: Unique, persistent identifiers for digital objects
  • Metadata for preservation
  • Preservation of business processes
  • Software escrow
  • Managing authenticity and provenance of digital objects through their lifecycles

Planning Preservation:

  • Risk management for digital preservation
  • Monitoring and content profiling
  • Digital preservation planning
  • Tools for preservation

Digital Preservation Infrastructures:

  • Data Storage
  • Data Replication
  • Authorisation and Authentication Infrastructure
  • Data Staging
  • Data-Intensive Computation

The optional boot-camp on the first day of the training event will provide a refresher on key digital preservation concepts for those who wish it as this advanced training will assume a baseline of knowledge among all attendees.

Who Should Come?

This training event is primarily aimed at:

  • Records managers and information officers in organisations that rely on long-lived data
  • Collections managers, librarians, curators and archivists in all institutions
  • Innovators and researchers in information technology and computing science

This is not an entry-level course. Participants should have previous practical experience in digital preservation tools, technologies or standards. Note also that, in return for the subsidized attendance at this course, participants will be asked to evaluate the training materials presented.

Outline Programme

Monday (AM): Digital Preservation Boot-Camp (Optional)

Monday (PM) – Tuesday (AM): Governance and Management

Tuesday (PM) – Wednesday (AM): Digital Object/Data Creation

Wednesday (PM) – Thursday (AM): Preservation Planning

Thursday (PM) – Friday (AM): Infrastructure

Friday (Before 1PM): Round-up and Close

Attendees are also invited to a group dinner on the evening of Wednesday 17th.

Want to come but can’t make it?

The APARSEN project is committed to the provision of online training in addition to in-person events and will be developing content from this course for delivery via an online training portal that will be launched later in the year. Follow @aparsenproject for news of future training events and online training materials.

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