22 June 2016 | 10:00 - 16:00 St. Helen's Square, York | The Guildhall

The Chair of the Digital Preservation Coalition cordially invites members to send delegates to 'Connecting the Bits' in York on 22nd June.

Connecting the Bits is a day-long networking and planning event designed to help members keep in touch with each other and with the state of the art in digital preservation. This year we're taking over the historic Guildhall in York for an "unconference style" day of knowledge exchange on digital preservation challenges. The unconference format is like a conference except there is no pre-determined theme or programme: the agenda is generated by participants in the morning, then delivered in the afternoon. This format privileges debate and discussion, and it ensures that anyone with a burning issue or success story has a chance to share it. Because members set the agenda, it gives you a strong opportunity to steer the Coalition's programme for 2016 and 2017. Because it's closed to members, participants can speak candidly and openly about successes, failures, plans and threats. Last year's capacity event was a great success, with participants praising the relaxed but highly informative atmosphere. With the continuing momentum of a growing membership we've every reason to expect that 'Connecting the Bits' 2016 will be another great opportunity to build an ever-stronger platform for co-operation and collaboration between participants.

Tea, coffee and lunch will be provided. That is part of the purpose. There will be a remarkable concentration of digital preservation expertise at 'Connecting the Bits' and we fully expect that a great deal of useful business will be conducted informally at lunchtime and over coffee breaks. There will be opportunities for small groups to assemble and evolve through the day. We expect that products will be reviewed and debunked; projects will be imagined and designed; professional relationships established and renewed; practical know-how will be shared; strategic alignment will be enabled: all informally and all by virtue of having the right people in the right place at the same time.

This year we are delighted to announce that we are launching the second edition of the Digital Preservation Handbook, one of the seminal texts in digital preservation at the Unconference. So participants at the 'Connecting the Bits' are duly invited to a drinks reception in the evening. Remember to let us know if you would like to join the reception when you register for 'Connecting the Bits'.

If that's not enough we will also be holding a member's briefing the next day in York with the title 'Re:Format: What is file format obsolescence and does it really exist?' for which there is a separate registration.

Who is the event for?

'Connecting the Bits' is designed to privilege operational staff working directly on digital preservation. We are particularly keen to hear from three groups: junior staff recently appointed and looking for opportunities to build their professional networks; new entrants to digital preservation seeking to apply professional know-how to this new field; and experienced practitioners who might not normally attend the DPC Board but have clear insights into the challenges of digital preservation in their own institutions and are well placed to steer the DPC's practical programme. Senior staff, researchers and students are also welcome, though it's the practical know how that will be most prominent.

  • Full members can register up to 3 delegates and are asked to prepare a 3 minute presentation on 3 key topics: 1 recent success story from their organisation, 1 key digital preservation challenge faced, and 1 notable example of upcoming work.
  • Associate Members can register one delegate for the event, adding others to a waiting list which will be allocated a week before.

Outline programme

  • 10.00 - Registration opens, followed by prompt 10.30 start
  • 10.30 - 3 minute speed date presentations per full member – ONE slide per minute, strict timings!
  • 11.30 - Coffee and networking
  • 12.00 - First Break out session
  • 13.00 - Lunch and networking
  • 14.00 - Second Break out session
  • 15.00 - Feedback from break out sessions and round up
  • 16.00 - Close and break
  • _______
  • 17.00 - Doors open for evening reception for Handbook Launch
  • 17.30 - Speakers
  • 18.00 - Canapes and Reception
  • 20.00 - Close

Feedback Report from 'Connecting the Bits' 2016

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