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Digital Preservation and Environmental Impact Watch Party

18 Apr 2024 at 3:00pm - 18 Apr 2024 at 4:30pm AEST
Online (Australasia and Asia-Pacific)

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This watch party follows a webinar originally held on 26th March 2024, which explored how your organization's decisions around digital preservation can affect its environmental impact. It brought together a number of speakers from a range of organizations, each of whom offered a different perspective on the challenge of environmentally-friendly digital preservation. We explored how environmental impact is measured, and considered what steps an organization might take to monitor and reduce its carbon footprint. We also used this event to launch the DPC’s own Climate Action Plan, and to announce the release of a new Guidance Note on the topic of environmental impact (authored by Eira Tansey, founder of Memory Rising).

In this watch party we'll view a recording of Matthew Addis' presentation given during the webinar, and also hear from William Kilbride of the DPC. Michaela Hart, who is a member of the newly formed International Council on Archives Climate working group, will be the local speaker and will also be speaking on this subject at the upcoming UK Archives & Records Association conference on Climate & Crisis: Tackling it Together in the UK in August.

Recordings of all the presentations given at the Webinar on 26th March are available to DPC Members and Supporters via the event's web page (login to DPC website required)


15:00 AEST / 05:00 UTC - Welcome

15:10 AEST / 05:10 UTC - Carbon emissions and long-term digital preservation (recorded) - Matthew Addis, Arkivum

15:35 AEST / 05:35 UTC - The DPC’s Climate Action Plan (live) - William Kilbride/John McMillan, DPC

16:00 AEST / 06:00 UTC - Michaela Hart (live)

16:30 AEST / 06:30 UTC - Close

All new presentations will be recorded and made available to DPC Members and Supporters via this web page after the event (login to DPC website required).

Recordings will also be shared with non-members who pay to attend the event.

Please note – DPC Members do not need to register in order to access the recordings after the event.

Recordings (DPC Members and Supporters, please log in to view recordings)

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Event Location: Online (Australasia and Asia-Pacific)