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DPA2022 Winners Webinar Watch Party

25 Jan 2023 at 11:00am - 25 Jan 2023 at 1:00pm UTC+11

Following the presentation of the Digital Preservation Awards at iPres 2022 and the subsequent DPA2022 Winners Webinar Series which took place in December 2022, join us for this watch party event in time zones to suit participants from Australasia the Asia-Pacific.

The session will summarize and show highlights from each of our DPA2022 Winners’ presentations and will be hosted by Robin Wright and Sarah Middleton from the DPC. We will be joined by some special guests for our live discussion: DPA2022 Fellow Professor Denise de Vries will share reflections on her own career highlights, and we'll ask her what the future holds for digital preservation and the work of our awardees, some of whom will also be in attendance and available to answer your questions!

Special Guests 

Professor Denise de Vries

Founder of the games preservation lab at the University of Adelaide recently relocated to Swinburne University in Melbourne, Denise has for many years now celebrated the value of computer games as an artistic form, and through this work drawn attention to the importance of emulation as a necessary and viable preservation approach which cannot be set aside in favour of migration. Denise was awarded the DPC Fellowship Award in 2022 in recognition of a substantial, generous and distinguished contribution to bringing about a sustainable future for our digital assets over the last 20 years.

Denise de Vries sq

Karin Bredenberg, PREMIS Editoiral Committee

Karin is the metadata strategist for Kommunalförbundet Sydarkivera in Sweden. Responsible for long-term storage and the implementation and use of the available metadata standards at her organisation, she also is the current Chair of the PREMIS Editorial Committee which won the DPC's 20th Anniversary Award in 2022. 


Dr. Panagiotis Papageorgiou

Having conducted his PhD with the University of Portsmouth, Panos is interested in how artistic and scientific creativity come together in archaeological virtual reconstructions. His work has resulted in a foundation (preservation framework) which demonstrates how these various sectors fit together. Panos received the Software Sustainability Institute Digital Preservation Award for Research and Innovation in 2022.


All Digital preservation Awards Winners 2022

We will be watching excerpts of presentations from (click on each link for the full recording from the DPA2022 Winners Webinar Series):


The DPA2022 Winners Webinar Series is free to attend and open to everyone, but registration is essential. Click the BOOK NOW link below to register your place.

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