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Preservation Registries Special Interest Group

6 Jun 2024 - 6 Jun 2024 UTC

The original idea of this group came out of the iPres 2022 “Registering our preservation intentions” workshop, where we proposed the idea of the Digital Preservation Coalition hosting an open ‘drop-in’ meeting for anyone interested in format and software registries.

To this end, we will run a monthly videoconference meeting that provides a space for to discuss anything and everything related to the maintenance and use of format registries in digital preservation.

At first, we’ll use this space to ask questions and gather feedback on the Registries of Good Practice project. We’ll also encourage attendees to share any updates on registries they depend on and/or maintain. Over time, we’ll see if a standing agenda emerges, and adapt the format to suit the needs of the attendees.

This is not intended to require any preparation or other significant commitment beyond simply attending the meetings, if you find them useful.

How can I get involved?

This is an open group - you don't have to be a DPC member to get involved. However, we need a reasonable private way to send our meeting invitations and videoconference details, so meeting announcements and coordination will be done via a dedicated email mailing list.

When does the group meet?

We will run a two one hour 'drop-in' sessions on the first Thursday of every month, one at 9:00am UK time (click for your local time) and the other at 9:00pm UK time (click for your local time). Connection information will be distributed by email before the meeting.

Event Location: Online