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#DPClinic July - Getting to grips with your PDFs - does the PDF version help?

28 Jul 2023 at 1:00pm - 28 Jul 2023 at 2:00pm UTC

#DPClinic is an informal online space to discuss a popular digital preservation topic. This month's clinic takes place on Friday 28th July at 1:00pm UTC/2:00pm BST (click here for local times).

PDF is a ubiquitous format held often in high quantities by almost every organization with a digital repository. But what preservation challenges are lurking in our PDFs and how can we understand what features and issues might be present? There are of course a host of versions of the PDF standard. Does knowing that you, for example, have a PDF1.7 tell us anything useful about a particular PDF? To assess, discuss and answer this and other questions we have a stellar line up of PDF experts to decode the detail for those of us who don't have a PhD in PDF, including Kate Murray (Library of Congress), Duff Johnson (PDF Association), Peter Wyatt (PDF Association), and Tim Allison (NASA). 

Who can use #DPClinic?

#DPConnect and #DPClinic are available to everyone in the digital preservation community, DPC Members and non-members alike, provided all participants are respectful and supportive of one another and adhere to the DPC's Inclusion and Diversity Policy.

Recordings (DPC Members, please log in to view)

PDF Versioning - Kate Murray (Library of Congress), Duff Johnson (PDF Association), Peter Wyatt (PDF Association) and Tim Allison (Rhapsode Consulting LLC)

Event Location: Online