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Current publications:

  • Annual Reports provide an annual overview of the DPC community. They are a guide to what a large cross section of institutions are doing to ensure continuing access.
  • Case studies - Now available
  • Digital Preservation Jargon Buster - a single page document which provides a guide to acronyms and jargon common in digital preservation
  • 'Mind The Gap' - a major report published in 2006 which explains in detail the steps the UK needs to take so that our generation can ensure a digital legacy
  • Occasional papers and conference reports - from time to time the DPC commissions or publishes papers on specific topics which provide an advanced reconnaissance to those engaged in digital preservation. We also publish informal notes from conferences and workshops, in the first instance for our members and for wider circulation after a fixed duration.
  • Digital Preservation Handbook which is intended as a simple but comprehensive guide to Digital Preservation planning for all kinds of projects and institutions. (New content released Oct 2015)
  • Technology Watch Reports are commissioned by DPC from leading developers and are intended to provide an advanced introduction for those looking at specific issues of preservation and access
  • Surveys and reports that identify the scope and scale of digital preservation needs
  • What's New in Digital Preservation which provides a short, frequently updated digest of new events, projects and services as they emerge

About our publications:

All DPC Publications, joint publications with partners, or publications which seek DPC endorsement should embody the values of the Coalition and articulate them implicitly or explicitly as the context permits. To ensure this happens all publications that emanate from the DPC should:

  1. Be informed, current, concise and balanced
  2. Lower the barriers to participation in digital preservation
  3. Be derived from the needs of the membership and deliver benefit to members
  4. Be consistent with the mission of the Coalition
  5. Be of utility to non-members
  6. Have explicit quality criteria and impact measures

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