Illustration by Jørgen Stamp CC BY 2.5 Denmark


Who is it for?

Operational managers (DigCurV Manager Lens) and staff (DigCurV Practitioner Lens) in repositories, publishers and other data creators, third party service providers.


Assumed level of knowledge

Novice to Intermediate



  • To provide a bridge to and achieve synergies with, reports in the DPC Tech Watch Series. The reports provide advanced level "deep dives" in specific areas of content preservation (e.g. email) that can be cited or to source case studies in the Handbook.
  • To be developed for ease of maintenance, cost-efficiency, and sustainability in the long-term by the DPC via updates and additions to the Tech Watch series.
  • To provide a brief overview and case studies, suitable for novice or intermediate level users, of digital preservation issues for specific content types covered by DPC Technology Watch Reports. Currently three content types are available: e-journals, moving picture and sound, and web-archiving. We hope to add more at a later date.

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