Sara Day Thomson

Articles 56

Vacancy for an Archivist with the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals
Significance & Authenticity: A Briefing
Aye Preserve - Digital Preservation in the West of Scotland
Registration now open for ‘Significance & Authenticity: A Briefing’ in London, 15 December 2017
Registration now open for Aye Preserve in Glasgow - 30 November 2017
Vacancy for a Project Support Officer at BL Labs, British Library
PASIG 2017 Oxford 11-13 September
Vacancy for Research Fellow in Digital Archiving with University of Sussex
Vacancy for Part-time Storage and Preservation Coordinator with Wellcome Collection
Vacancy for Librarian (Senior Digital Collections Specialist) with the Library of Congress
Back to the Cave: Communicating the Importance of Web Archiving to Everybody Who Doesn’t Already Care about Web Archiving
Vacancy for a Senior Digital Archivist at The National Library of New Zealand
Vacancy for a Project Archivist at the Weston Library, University of Oxford
Vacancy for a Research Data Specialist with Digital Repository of Ireland
Preserve to Innovate: De-brief on Web Archiving Week 2017 in London

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