Web Archiving & Preservation Task Force

What is the Web Archiving & Preservation Task Force?

The Web Archiving and Preservation Task Force provides a forum for participants to share their experiences, establish common goals, and inform their own policy development. It provides a mutually supportive environment for continued programme and policy development for DPC members and a mechanism through which non-members can engage with the web archiving community.

Members of the Task Force will present organisational responses to emerging strategic challenges. In this way, it will be possible to identify more clearly gaps in provision, technology, and policy and to identify opportunities for collaboration. The Task Force does not develop policy but provides a framework for members to refine and develop their own approaches.

The Task Force will not take responsibility for service provision, will not attempt to create national policy or prescriptive guidelines, and will not undertake tools development. The Task Force may, however, lobby for policy at a higher level, such as through international standards or national legislation. The principle objective of the Task Force is not to govern or manage, but to foster community and facilitate knowledge exchange between institutions facing similar challenges.

How can I get involved?

The  Web Archiving & Preservation Task Force is open only to current members of the DPC. If you come from a DPC member institution, simply register for upcoming meetings of the Task Force and come along to learn about web archiving at other insitutions and contribute your own experiences and topics for discussion. If you are not a member of the DPC but have a vested interest in the capture and preservation of web content, you may be interested in joining the Coaltion. We would be delighted to work with you! For more information about membership and how to apply, please visit our Join Us page.

Terms of Reference 

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Meeting Minutes

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