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The DPC recognizes the very great need among our members for access to specialist training and development opportunities. The DPC Leadership Programme offers an on-going programme of grants so that our members can attend training and development opportunities. Over the course of its lifetime, the DPC Leadership Programme has provided more than 100 grants for members.

Members can access Leadership Programme scholarships through one of two routes:

  1. Regular calls for applications for DPC identified courses/development opportunities published on the website.
  2. Submitting an application at the quarterly deadline for self-identified courses/development opportunities that meet individual needs.

In addition to supporting our members’ workforces the DPC seeks to reduce the risks that training providers face when developing and providing courses relevant to digital preservation.  Providers of such training courses are invited to discuss with the DPC Head of Training and Skills whether these would be appropriate for grants from the DPC Leadership Programme.  

Scholarship Funding Available

The amount of funding offered to successful applicants is at the discretion of the judging panel (see below for more details of the judging process). For DPC identified courses/opportunities, advertised as part of regular calls, funding levels will be explicitly stated.  In the majority of cases Leadership Programme scholarships will cover 100% of course fees or event registration. Travel and accommodation support may also be available for multi-day courses/development opportunities. Travel and accommodation support will be offered based on location up to the following limits:

  • Domestic travel - £150
  • Intra-Continental travel - £300
  • Inter-Continental travel - £750

Eligible Applicants

Scholarships are available to all DPC members, including prospective members whose request to join is completed by the application deadline. Only one application can be made per member per call or per quarterly deadline for self-identified opportunities.  Please coordinate with colleagues to ensure multiple applications are not submitted. Scholarships are not available to non-members.


Personal members of the DPC are eligible to apply for these scholarships.


Applications are welcome from officers, staff and affiliates of the organizations listed as members of the DPC on the Coalition’s website: The main DPC contact will have final approval for who may submit an application on behalf of their organization. Consortia and funders may nominate members or grant holders, see below.


In addition, individuals associated with or funded through agencies that are members of the DPC are eligible though they must confirm their application with the main DPC contact within the agency before applying. The DPC may pass the details of applications to designated contacts within these organizations as part of their assessment.

Prospective Members

Prospective members of the DPC are eligible for scholarships.  Organizations or individuals seeking to join the DPC must have their membership application approved on or by the relevant scholarship deadline to qualify.

Allied Organization

Allied organizations are eligible for scholarships if access to the DPC Leadership Programme is included as a benefit within the Memorandum of Understand between the two organizations.

Eligible Courses/Opportunities

Courses/development opportunities offered through the regular scholarship calls are identified by the Head of Training and Skills and approved by the DPC’s Workforce Development Sub-Committee. Suggestions for possible courses are welcome.

Members wishing to apply for a scholarship to meet their own specific development needs should refer to the following guidelines for eligible courses/development opportunities:

  • Scholarships for the course/development opportunity should not currently be/previously have been offered by the Leadership Programme. Please contact the Head of Training and Skills if you are unsure.
  • Courses/development opportunities need not focus on digital preservation topics. Topics that are adjacent to digital preservation or cover the more generic skills identified in competency frameworks like DigCurV are acceptable. Applicants need only demonstrate how the course/development opportunity will directly benefit their digital preservation activities.
  • Applications are particularly encouraged for scholarships that will enable junior members of staff to participate in development opportunities such as presenting papers or posters at a conference.
  • Scholarships are not available to support activities such as work shadowing/staff exchange. The DPC Strategic Plan includes a commitment to explore these opportunities as a separate programme.

Judging Process and Criteria

The judging process for scholarships is as follows:

  • Judging panels are typically formed of the DPC’s Executive Director, Head of Training and Skills, and at least one member of the Workforce Development Sub-Committee (with no conflicts of interest in relation to the applicants). Additional members may be added to the panel if required.
  • The Head of Training and Skills collates applications and inputs basic information into a standard marksheet and circulates the applications and marksheet to the panel.
  • Judges complete the marksheet for each application and return to the Head of Training and Skills so that individual marks can be combined on one sheet.
  • Judges meet to discuss marks and select successful applicants.
  • The Head of Training and Skills notifies all applicants of the result of their application.

The judging process usually take around two weeks to complete.

Judging of the applications considers how the development opportunity will further the applicant’s professional development as well as digital preservation work at their organization through the short answer section of the application. Consideration is also given to other information such as previous scholarships received and length of contract. Scholarships from those who would otherwise be unable to attend due to limited funding opportunities offered by their employers are prioritised. Preference will also be given to early years’ professionals, i.e. those who have been in a digital preservation role for less than 5 years, but applications are also welcomed from those further on in their career.

Conditions of Grant

It is our aim that scholarships will primarily deliver benefits to an identifiable DPC member organization, but that there should also be a benefit the broader DPC community. Therefore, recipients will be asked to produce outputs that will help disseminate the information/skills they have learned to the DPC membership. This may include, but is not limited to, a blog post, Twitter coverage of an event, and/or a webinar. Outputs for individual recipients will be discussed with the Head of Training and Skills subsequent to the scholarship award and will be proportionate to the size of the grant awarded.

We recommend that any member organization which supports an application discusses appropriate outcomes and benefits for the institution prior to submission.  Moreover, because only one grant is available per member institution, we recommend that applicants ensure that they are not inadvertently competing with colleagues.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted to the Head of Training and Skills by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) before the relevant deadline.  Applicants should complete and submit the relevant scholarship application form:

Applications must also be accompanied by an email or letter containing the explicit approval from your line manager or other senior executive to undertake the course as well as a commitment from the organisation to meet any additional costs incurred. The application form will be used by the judging panel to assess eligibility against the criteria listed above and the impact attendance will have on the applicant’s professional development and the digital preservation work of their organization. The judging panel’s decision is final. Successful applicants will normally be notified within two weeks of the application deadline.

Deadlines for advertised scholarships will included with the relevant call for applications. Deadlines for self-identified opportunities in 2018/19 are listed below. Short-notice applications, due to factors outwith the applicant’s control, will be considered outwith these deadlines depending on DPC staff capacity and turn-around times. Only one application will be accepted per member per call or deadline, as appropriate.

Deadlines for 2018/19:

  • 31st October 2018
  • 31st January 2019
  • 30th April 2019
  • 30th June 2019

Further Information

  • For questions relating to this grant programme, email the Head of Training and Skills (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • For information about joining the Digital Preservation Coalition, see:
  • For information about previous grants from the DPC Leadership Programme see:
  • Download a PDF copy of the Leadership Programme Application Guidelines


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