• Having the tools and skills to preserve the content, context and structure of digital records for the long term,
  • A component of informed appraisal and selection decision making,
  • The processes and procedures that go into preparing digital records for long term preservation,
  • On-going, active checking, administration and management of digital records in the archive,
  • Keeping up with changes in the shifting technological landscape and user needs to stay relevant,
  • On-going liaison with record creators and policy makers,
  • Digital preservation is cross-organisational business change,
  • Digital preservation is business as usual.

Digital preservation is more than:

  • Digitization (though digitization’s outputs require digital preservation),
  • Backing up (though well-managed secure storage is a component of successful digital preservation),
  • Buying an off-the-shelf product and considering it ‘done’ – this is more than just a project,
  • A fashionable trend. It’s a continuing change for archives.

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