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    The DPC Rapid Assessment Model (RAM) is a digital preservation maturity modelling tool that has been designed to enable rapid benchmarking of an organization’s digital preservation capability.

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At the DPC’s Planning Day at the British Library on 3rd April, we asked attendees to come up with some 'Big Ideas' for the coalition's next 5 years. Now it's time for the rest of the membership (our Dragon's Den) to vote on and finesse these ideas before we add them to our next Strategic Plan, due to be launched at the end of this year.

This poll summarises those ideas - some of them very sensible, and some of them a bit more 'out there' - and now we put it to you...the DPC 'Dragons,' to decide which initiatives should go ahead and which, quite frankly, should not.

If you love an idea and want to give it your backing, give it a 5. If you think the idea stinks and 'you're out' give it a 0 ... or choose a number in between if you don't feel quite that strongly either way.

We’ll gather the results and bring them to our ‘Connecting the Bits’ Members Unconference and Networking Event so the poll will remain open until June 14th. It should take you about 5 minutes and must be completed in one go. So if you're ready...

Members please login to cast your votes

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