Added on 22 April 2020

Registration is now open for our annual ‘Digital Preservation Futures’ members-only webinar series. Starting on 12th May, this series will showcase the current product and service offerings of each of our DPC Supporters and will accompany our ‘Connecting the Bits’ Members Unconference and associated event ‘A Guide to Digital Preservation Procurement: Launch Event, Workshop and Briefing,’ both of which will be held online on 23rd and 24th June.

As a prelude to the events in June, speakers from each of the DPC’s Supporter organisations will share how their offerings relate to DPC Member and customer needs through a short presentation, and through discussion with DPC staff and attendees.

The webinar series will run over 2 weeks, with each session lasting 1 hour. All webinar episodes will be recorded and made available to DPC Members online after each event.

Series Overview:

Outline Program

  • 0 – 10: Introduction to the Supporter organization and offering, what do customers look for?
  • 10 – 40: Discussion between DPC staff, Supporter and a user of the product/service (where possible) drawing out some future challenges and how these might be met
  • 40 – 60: Q&A with participants

This series aims to present - in the context of member concerns - a portion of the digital preservation marketplace offerings, in order to help DPC Members identify community needs. DPC Supporter products and services form an important part of how we address the digital preservation challenge, so Members are encouraged to attend these webinar sessions and take the opportunity to talk directly with product and service vendors. 

Registration will close two days before each scheduled episode.


What’s next…
Tuesday 23rd June: Connecting the Bits

Connecting the Bits is an annual planning event through which key themes for discussion (and for DPC action in the following year) are generated by members based on their current work and emerging concerns. Because members decide these themes, it provides them with a unique opportunity to steer the Coalition's program for the coming year. This process is only open to members, allowing them to be candid about successes, failures, plans and threats.

Wednesday 24th June: Digital Preservation Futures, Procurement Guide Launch, Briefing and Workshop

This year, DPC Members and Supporters are invited to participate in a day of practical discussions which will explore experiences on both sides of the procurement process, will introduce a new resource which provides advice on how to get the best result possible out of a procurement process with minimum pain for all parties, and aims to identify a core set of functional requirements for a digital preservation repository. 

As well as summarizing themes arising from the preceding day’s Connecting the Bits, this day-long session will provide a neutral forum where those involved in procuring and providing digital preservation solutions can talk directly and without prejudice about the challenges they face. The dialogue that results aims to clarify the process of requirements gathering and lower the barriers to effective procurement. 

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