18 January 2021

This activity aims at digitising the ESA Archives located at the ESRIN facility in Frascati, Italy and referred as ECSR (European Centre for Space Records).

The benefit of this activity is to offer to the Agency a secure preservation and easy access to the Agency's non-current records.

The activity will cover four main areas, with the first two as main priority:

  1. Management and operations of ESA/ECSR Archives: this includes services covering the full spectrum of activity from the acquisition, appraisal, preservation, to dissemination and support to searches and consultation.
  2. Digitisation: this includes providing support to ESA in defining which material should be digitised; converting selected analogue and paper records of the ECSR into digital files in accordance with international archiving norms and ESA standards as applicable; support manual and automatic capturing of metadata, ingesting the existing digitised material in the archival system; providing supported digital curation.
  3. Records management: this includes the basis to establish a regular acquisition of records into the Archives, as well as support to Directorates for the implementation of the ''ESA Records management and Archives policy''.
  4. Communication, valorisation, awareness and promotion of ECSR: this includes communication and promotion activities to make the ECSR content attractive. While the focus of this procurement is to provide services to the ESA Archives (ECSR in ESRIN), this activity will form the basis to create a portfolio of information management services that can be offered across the whole organisation. The software service to support the operations of the ESA Archives currently runs on the ESA corporate IT infrastructure and will be provided as a Customer Furnished Item. 

A virtual information session will be held via Webex on 15th December 2020 starting at 09:30 CET.

For further information and to register an expression of interest (needed in order to access the tender documents) please see the EMITS home page:

To locate this tender under the drop down menu 'Open Invitations to Tender' open the 'Ordered by Open Date' tab. This tender was opened on 7 December 2020 and the reference number is AO10567.

To register for submission of a tender please complete your application on the ESA-STAR web site:

or via the link on the EMITS home page under 'Entity Registration'

Please note that the closing date for tender applications is 18 January 2021 at 13:00.

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