Added on 30 May 2019

The iPres Working Group appreciates the feedback received so far on the Future of iPres – it’s invaluable!

More feedback would be beneficial and we’ve heard from some responders that more time would be helpful so as promised we are going to extend the deadline. Please take some time to share whatever feedback you have by June 18th.

Gathering your feedback and suggestions:  You are invited to share your feedback in two ways 1) responses to questions on the The Future of iPres feedback form and 2) suggestions and priorities for Revising the iPres Charter comment form. These two data gathering efforts are connected: your Future of iPres feedback will inform our revision of the Charter and your iPres Charter revision suggestions will contribute to our Future of iPres recommendations. We are sharing both forms together so you can complete either or both in whatever sequence works best for you.

  • Future of iPres Feedback: We believe that you will be able to complete this in 15-25 minutes (or longer if you have lots of comments!). The form contains topics and questions about all aspects of iPres. If you have additional topics, issues, areas to suggest, please do - there’s space for that at the end of the feedback form! Feedback Form
  • iPres Charter revision suggestions: Please share your feedback to inform our revision of the current charter (PDF). This comment form provides the text for each section of the current iPres Steering Committee Charter to review as you share your suggestions.

We look forward to hearing from you, thank you!

iPres Working Group

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