People Get Ready - The WDPD Edition

Sharon McMeekin

Sharon McMeekin

Last updated on 4 November 2019

At iPRES this year I presented a (rapid fire!) paper sharing my thoughts on the current state of digital preservation workforce development. The headlines were:

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Working together to reduce digital information at risk

Zhenxin Wu

Zhenxin Wu

Last updated on 7 November 2019

Zhenxin Wu is Professor of the Information System Department, and Deputy Director of the Digital Preservation Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences at the National Science Library in Beijing, China. She is also responsible for the technical system and data archive for NDPP (National Digital Preservation Program).

[Chinese version follows]

---From CCDP2019 to WDPD2019 and iPRES2020

Thanks to the invitation from DPC, I have an opportunity to be involved in World Digital Preservation Day again and also to introduce China's progress in digital preservation.

After being busy with Chinese Conference on Digital Preservation 2019 (CCDP, http://dipres2019.csp.escience.cn/dct/page/1 ), I start writing this blog for WDPD2019. Just like DPC's World Digital Preservation Day has become an international event, the CCDP series of conferences have also became the most important event for Chinese archivers. The surprises and exhaustion brought by CCDP2019 have not disappeared, and my mind is still full with  CCDP2019.

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Bits and Bytes: The Video

Jaye Weatherburn

Jaye Weatherburn

Last updated on 6 November 2019

Jaye Weatherburn is Program Manager, Digital Preservation at The University of Melbourne in Australia

This year for World Digital Preservation Day, several passionate souls at the University of Melbourne, in collaboration with friends from the Australasia Preserves community of practice, have produced a video to celebrate all things digital preservation.

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World Digital Preservation Day

Arabic Logo Bahasa Indonesian Logo Bahasa Malaysian Logo Dutch Logo Filipino Logo Finnish Logo French Logo German Logo Greek Logo Hebrew Logo Irish Logo Italian Logo Myanmar Logo Portuguese Logo Spanish Logo Thai Logo Turkish Logo Welsh Logo

At-Risk Digital Materials

  About World Digital Preservation Day

World Digital Preservation Day is held on the first Thursday of every November. This year we will celebrate all things digital preservation on 7th November 2019!

With the theme 'At-Risk Digital Materials' the digital preservation community will come together to celebrate their work - the collections they have preserved, the access they have maintained and the understanding they have fostered by preserving digital materials.

Pervasive, changing and ubiquitous, digital technologies are a defining feature of our age. Digital materials are a core commodity for industry, commerce and government. They are fundamental for research, the law and medicine. The creative industries, cultural heritage and the media depend on reliable access to digital materials while families and friends extend and sustain their relationships through digital interactions. What better reasons to celebrate the opportunities created by digital preservation?! 

The aim of World Digital Preservation Day is to create greater awareness of digital preservation that will translate into a wider understanding which permeates all aspects of society – business, policy making, personal good practice.

WDPD Illustration

Participate in World Digital Preservation Day

Organised by the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) and supported by digital preservation networks across the globe, World Digital Preservation Day is open to participation from anyone interested in securing our digital legacy.

World Digital Preservation Day is a window into the daily activities of those involved with or contemplating digital preservation and the at-risk digital materials they are working hard to preserve. In order to create a full a picture as possible, we showcase a wide range of experiences, activities, projects, collections and challenges; identifying real-world impacts and consequences.

Data creators, curators and consumers from around the world, DPC members and non-members alike, are invited to get involved and share stories of their own 'digital preservation day.' 

      • BLOG

        Share a story about ‘at-risk digital materials’ with us on World Digital Preservation Day. If you have your own blog platform, post your piece there and send us a link to it; we’ll add it to the WDPD2019 page! If you are a DPC Member or Supporter, post directly to the DPC blog.

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      • PICTURES

        Take a photo of the 'at-risk digital materials' you have encountered recently or show us what a 'digital preservation day' looks like for you! Share on social media using the hashtag #WDPD2019

        See WDPD2019 pictures on

      • VIDEOS

        Giving a WDPD2019 talk/seminar/lecture? 
        Or, create a song and a dance about digital preservation! (literally). Record it and share on social media with the hashtag #WDPD2019.

      • EVENTS

        Visit the ‘What’s On’ section of the WDPD2019 page of the website to see who's celebrating and how near you! 

        Download and print contents of the 
        event pack and publicize your own event using the #WDPD2019 hashtag for greater visibility.

        Visit the events page


        The DPC is publishing a new edition of the 'Bit List' of Digitally Endangered Species for World Digital Preservation Day 2019. Follow #BitList for updates and ...

        Check out the BitList

      • LOGO

        The World Digital Preservation Day logo is available in languages from around the world. Download in your language and add it to related emails, communications and event publicity, or order as stickers!   

        See all logos


        Take photos, make videos, share updates about your own 'digital preservation day' or the ‘at-risk digital materials’ you are working with or know about, and share using the social media platform of your choice. Use the hashtags
        #WDPD2019 and #BitList

      • NEWS

        Read our World Digital Preservation Day news stories on the DPC website.

        Go to news pages

      • SUPPORT

        World Digital Preservation Day is supported by specialist networks around the world including:
        Dutch Digital Heritage Network, 
        Open Preservation Foundation.



Blog posts and news from around the globe on World Digital Preservation Day

Saving art from obsolescence

Art Gallery NSW (Australia)

How to bulk rip lots of vinyl (and not go crazy)

James (DJ) Kippax (UK)

Celebrating World Digital Preservation Day

Jenny Mitcham, DPC (UK)

The International Council on Archives celebrates World Digital Preservation Day!

International Council on Archives

3rd World Digital Preservation Day [Greek]

Panagiotis Papageorgiou, University of Portsmouth (UK) 

JPEG Got the Blues

Alix Bruys, Bertrand Caron, Yannick Grandcolas and Thomas Ledoux from the National Library of France (BnF)

Preserving emails. How hard can it be?

Jim Costin, Bridging the Digital Gap Trainee, University of York (UK)

Web archiving helps record our history

Teresa Wong, The Getty (USA)

World Digital Preservation Day: ELDP Legacy Materials

Francesca Brown, SOAS / Endangered Languages Archive (UK)

World Digital Preservation Day 2019

Clair Waller, University of Kent (UK)

Decoding Analog Line-21/608: A Primer

Denis Warburton, Art & Technic LLC

World Digital Preservation Day

West Yorkshire Archive Service (UK)

World Digital Preservation Day 2019: the ‘Bit List’ vs Archaeological Data

Olivia Foster, Archaeology Data Service (UK)

Pain free Preservation

Paul Stokes, Jisc (UK)

Piloting institutional digital preservation

Sean Rippington, Federica Fina and Anna Clements, University of St. Andrews (UK)

Happy World Digital Preservation Day! [German]

Sascha Lankers, RWTH Aachen University (Germany)

Celebrating World Digital Preservation Day

Industry Documents Library at the University of California, San Francisco (USA)

Web Archiving & Web Continuity

Barbara Fuentes, National Records of Scotland (UK)

World Digital Preservation Day guest blog: managing the “digital deluge” at the National Library of Australia

Terence Ingram, National Library of Australia for the Preservica Blog

Talking obsolescence in Oban: 2019 Community Archive Workshop Tour of Scotland

Garth Stewart, National Records of Scotland (UK)

Long-term preservation of digital photographs

Matthew Burgess, State Library of NSW (Australia)

Preserving your digital content – World Digital Preservation Day 2019

University of Nottingham (UK)

Digital Preservation Lab

Matthew Burgess, State Library of NSW (Australia)

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year …

Brain Lavoie, OCLC (USA)

World Digital Preservation Day [Bahasa Malaysian]

Ahmad Faizar, Universiti Teknologi MARA (Malaysia)





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Lunchtime Lecture: Preserving your Digital Memories

General Information

“the digital record we save is the memory we’ll pass down to the next generations, so it’s worth it to take the time and make sure we give them something of value, and that we have something to give them at all.”

Helen Bailey, Library Fellow for Digital Curation and Preservation

World Digital Preservation Day will be held on Thursday 7th November, when a new edition of the ‘Bit List of Digitally Endangered Species’ will be published. Digital family or personal photos and records are currently listed as ‘Critically Endangered’, so this year on World Preservation Day UCD Library will explain how to preserve these irreplaceable treasures.

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'Digital Preservation in Libraries' at the Sharjah Library Conference

The “Sharjah Library Conference” is held in conjunction with the Sharjah International Book Fair (https://www.sibfala.com/) at the Expo Centre in Sharjah, UAE.

Digital Preservation in Libraries

Jeremy Myntti, Head of Digital Library Services, University of Utah Library, U.S.A.

Libraries have been preserving intellectual content for many centuries. With the proliferation of digital data in recent decades, libraries need to explore strategies for digital preservation to ensure that this new type of content is preserved for the future. This talk will focus on the history and development of digital preservation practices in libraries, including insights into the basic concepts important in the field of digital preservation. A case study will be shared showing how one academic library implemented these practices into its own digital project workflows to preserve over 20 years of digitized special collections.

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Thuringian Competence Network for Research Data Management Events

Poster TKFDM WDPD2019The Thuringian Competence Network for Research Data Management celebrates the World Digital Preservation Day 2019

To celebrate the World Digital Preservation Day 2019, the Thuringian Competence Network for Research Data Management will organise information events at the universities in Thuringia.

In honour of this occasion the Thuringian Competence Network for Research Data Management organises information events at all four universities in Thuringia regarding the different aspects of research data management and the preseration of digital data.

The Network will also host a free webinar on the subject "Keine Chance dem Datenverlust - Forschungsdaten nachhaltig sichern" ("No Chance for Data Loss – Long-term Preservation of Research Data").

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WDPD 2019: World Wide Open House

WDPD 2019: World Wide Open House hosted by Andy Jackson at the UK Web Archive, British Library

Andy says:

This year’s World Digital Preservation Day is on November the 7th. It’s a great initiative and I wanted to find some way to support it.

One thing I’ve learned is that both the web archiving and digital preservation communities are largely made up of very small teams or individuals embedded in much larger organisations. This can be hard work, and we’ve come to rely on support from our international peers, so I wondered if there’s anything we can do to encourage more remote collaboration.

So I thought, what about a global drop-in video chat kinda thing open to anyone who wants to talk #digipres stuff? A bit like the monthly DPC Members’ Lounge, but a one-off full-day open-to-all experiment. Let’s call it #DPWWOH, ‘cos that’s catchy right!?

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WDPD2019 at the National Library of Ireland

How do you eat an elephant?

One byte at a time!

Digital Preservation is an issue facing libraries, archives and other sectors in Ireland. The National Library of Ireland's (NLI) Digital Collection team recognise these challenges and we are bringing together the Irish Digital Preservation community for a morning of talks, discussion and networking. Following on from last year's event, and keeping it practical we will delve into the different baby size steps taken by different organisations to get started on the road of digital preservation, and talk about some of the tools and systems they found useful.

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