Traineeships in the Information Governance Division at the European Central Bank

17 February 2020

Frankfurt, Germany

€1,070 per month plus accomodation allowance


Member's Lounge

DPC Members are invited to drop-in for one hour of open discussion on a range of digital preservation themes.

This month we talked about digital preservation workflows:


In order to accommodate members around the world, and different time zones, the Member's Lounge will vary its opening times each month. Following this session the Member's Lounge will reopen at 0900 GMT on Thursday 27th February 2020. 

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Web Archiving & Preservation Webinar Episode One: Approaches & Tools - Large-scale and Collaborative

Launching the Web Archiving & Preservation Webinar Series , Episode One will feature three speakers discussing Approaches & Tools - Large-scale and Collaborative.

This episode introduces approaches and tools for capturing web archives with scalable services or collaborative programmes. Speakers will address strategies for large-scale web archiving, where volume necessitates automation for efficient capture and search functionality. The webinar will also reflect on the limitations of automation and how it can be used realistically in different contexts. It also provides information on making use of national and international web archiving initiatives, such as the Internet Archive and the UK Web Archive.

Speakers on this webinar will each provide a 15 minute overview of approaches, tools, and services that support scalable web archiving for different sectors and different types of archives. These short talks will be followed by a period of questions and discussions, including speaker responses to some set questions to help highlight different approaches and contexts. 


Watch the Recording

Watch this 90-minute webinar to hear about approaches and tools for large-scale and collaborative web archiving to better understand how these approaches might work for you.

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More about this Series

This series of five webinars provides an overview of several core themes of work in the capture, management, and preservation of web content, from institutional webpages to social media datasets. Each of the five episodes will investigate one or more important components of web archiving through the experiences of practitioners. Invited speakers will share the knowledge and insight they have acquired along the way through case studies and practical examples. These presentations will set the stage for a wider discussion, where attendees can pose questions and share experiences of their own.

The webinar series is hosted by the Digital Preservation Coalition as part of the Web Archiving & Preservation Working Group (WAPWG).

See the list of Episodes.

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Episode Three of the Web Archiving & Preservation Webinar Series in now open for registration

Added on 24 January 2020

The DPC is delighted to announce registration is now open for the webinar 'Integrating Web Archives into Existing Collections'. This webinar is the third episode of the Web Archiving & Preservation Webinar Series for DPC Members and Supporters and will take place on 20 February 2020 at 14:00 GMT. 

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That water cooler moment…

Sarah Middleton

Sarah Middleton

Last updated on 24 January 2020

This time last year, in January 2019, we were about to hold our first DPC Members Lounge. It is an idea we had been toying with for a while… we wanted to provide an opportunity for members to get together and chat informally, without an agenda and just on the topics that were at the front of their minds at that time, kind of like you might around…say… a water cooler?

Often the best ideas come when you give yourself a break, have a chat and let the conversation go whichever way it takes you.

And so the monthly Members Lounge was born (we called it that for want of a better name and because we couldn’t quite replicate a water cooler. A little imagination is required).

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DPC opens new office in Melbourne, Australia

Added on 22 January 2020

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has started 2020 with the opening of a new office, at the University of Melbourne. This presence will enable improved access to the DPC’s programme of activities for members and digital preservation practitioners across the southern hemisphere; helping support, represent and amplify the work of a very active digital preservation community in the region, as well as enabling institutions at all stages of maturity in the digital preservation journey.

The initiative is the result of a strategic partnership between DPC and the University of Melbourne, and the office will be staffed by Jaye Weatherburn who has been seconded to the DPC.

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Vacancy for Projects and Policy Officer at DANS

30 January 2020

The Hague

€4,274 per month gross

Fixed Term

Amy Currie joins the DPC Staff as Training Officer

Added on 21 January 2020

Amy currieThe Digital Preservation Coalition is delighted to welcome Amy Currie to its staff, in the role of Training Officer.

Amy will manage training and skills services for members, covering the work of Sharon McMeekin – the DPC’s Head of Workforce Development - as she delivers the Novice to Ninja project with colleagues from The UK National Archives.

“Amy will help us continue to provide opportunities for our members to acquire, develop and retain competent and responsive workforces that are ready to address the challenges of digital preservation,” explains Sharon. “We’re very pleased to have her on board!”

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