DAPP: keeping all my digital preservation resources in a handy app

Sean Macmillan

Sean Macmillan

Last updated on 10 February 2020

Sean Macmillan is an Archivist currently based at the University of London, Senate House Library. At Senate House and in past roles, he’s tackled various digital preservation challenges. He’s currently occupied with helping to develop Senate House’s Digital Ecosystem project. He also recently catalogued the Cusichaca Trust Archive at Senate House, which includes a substantial collection of valuable digital media. He also helped to implement digital workflows in the Bodleian’s BEAM department and planned preservation for the private audio-visual archives of a high-profile client.

Throughout these experiences, Sean has accumulated knowledge and discovered resources about preserving digital materials. To make the most of this valuable information and to keep it close to hand, Sean developed an app using Filemaker Pro. Now, having worked at a range of different organisations, that app holds quite a rich store of information. At this stage, Sean is interested in learning if others might find it useful or have suggestions for how it might be sustained or enhanced. In this blog post, Sean describes the background of DAPP, shows how it can be used at the moment, and issues a call for feedback and advice.

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All of Us First

William Kilbride

William Kilbride

Last updated on 26 February 2020

Earlier this week I had the pleasure to acknowledge the work of Barbara Sierman at a workshop hosted in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in Den Haag. Barbara had invited me, Micky Lindlar of TIB in Hamburg, Ingrid Dillo of DANS and Marcel Ras of DHN to speak on the single word ‘Re-use’. This blog is the text of my contribution to that discussion.  The presentation was also recorded and shared online. The recording can be viewed here.

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Registration Now Open - Preserving 3D Digital Engineering Models - a briefing day

Added on 6 February 2020

The DPC is delighted to announce registration is now open for the Briefing Day; 'Preserving 3D Digital Engineering Models' on the 30th April in York.

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Web Archiving & Preservation Webinar Episode Two: Approaches & Tools - DIY & Microservices

Following on from Episode One on large-scale approaches, this episode examines alternative methods of archiving web content, focusing on smaller scale tools and strategies that suit particular content types or more focussed collecting.

Episode Two: Approaches & Tools - DIY & Microservices provides an overview of how to do web archiving yourself, whether you’re an archivist for a small organisation, a research data manager looking for ways to support web-based research outputs, or a web curator at a large institution looking for a tool for a specific job. It will introduce different tools for different needs and demonstrate how those tools can be applied to relevant content types. Speakers will provide high level demos of a few handy tools and services and suggest possible ways of integrating open source tools into workflows. Overall, this episode will present some methods for getting started on best practice for archiving web content yourself.

Speakers on this webinar will each provide a 15 minute overview of approaches, tools, and services that support doing web archiving yourself or through small, targeted services. These short talks will be followed by a period of questions and discussions, including speaker responses to some set questions to help highlight different approaches and contexts.



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Watch this 90-minute webinar:

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More about this Series

This series of five webinars provides an overview of several core themes of work in the capture, management, and preservation of web content, from institutional webpages to social media datasets. Each of the five episodes will investigate one or more important components of web archiving through the experiences of practitioners. Invited speakers will share the knowledge and insight they have acquired along the way through case studies and practical examples. These presentations will set the stage for a wider discussion, where attendees can pose questions and share experiences of their own.

The webinar series is hosted by the Digital Preservation Coalition as part of the Web Archiving & Preservation Working Group (WAPWG).

See the list of Episodes.




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Vacancy for Lecturer / Associate Professor in Digital Humanities at UCL

8 March 2020


£44,674 - £52,701 per annum (Grade 8) £57,279 - £62,823 per annum (Grade 9)


Save the Date for the Next Web Archiving & Preservation Working Group General Meeting in Belfast

Added on 3 February 2020

Mark your calendars! The DPC is delighted to announce the next Web Archiving & Preservation Working Group General Meeting will take place at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) in Belfast on 23 July 2020. As a General Meeting, this event will be open only to DPC Members. All Members are welcome (and encouraged!) despite previous participation.

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Digital Preservation: A global challenge

Added on 31 January 2020

With the UK’s departure from the European Union (EU) imminent, the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) restates its commitment to work with members and community around the world. In the context of a new relationship with the EU, the global nature of digital preservation labour is unchanged.  Our work is not bound by borders.

The DPC enjoys an excellent relationship and reputation with members, partners, friends and funders around the world. In the course of our history have benefitted tremendously from the funding and focus which the European Union has brought to the question of digital preservation.

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Suite deal for DPC Members

Paul Wheatley

Paul Wheatley

Last updated on 30 January 2020

It's been all action at the DPC in recent weeks, what with new members of staff and even a new office in Australia, but we've also been beavering away on some new member offerings in the background. In this blog post I'm going to talk about a suite of new (and revised) resources for our members which will be appearing over the next few months.

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