The DPC runs a variety of in-person training events for its members, including the yearly 'Getting Started...' and 'Making Progress with Digital Preservation Series. This page provides access to the training resources for courses offered by the DPC.

Visit the DPC Events page to find and register for upcoming courses

Getting Started with Digital Preservation

'Getting Started with Digital Preservation' introduces delegates to common digitial preservation concepts and issues before walking them through the firsts steps they can take to manage their digital assets. This includes bit-level preservation, assessing their digital preservation maturity, undertaking a risk management exercise and creating a digital asset register.

Making Progress with Digital Preservation

'Making Progress with Digital Preservation' provides delegates with guidance on the 'next steps' in developing their digital preservation capability. Presentations and exercises will cover building a business case, drafting a digital preservation policy, developing a competent digital preservation workforce and making practical preservation decisions.

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