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The Greatest Hits: Volume 1, OAIS

Two weeks ago, DPC launched #DPConnect so that the global digital preservation community can stay connected through the lockdown. Last week, with support from colleagues at the UK National Archives, we were able to open our online training platform ‘Novice to Know-How’. This week we'll announce two further initiatives so that, when we return to work, members will be better connected and better informed to meet the digital preservation challenges in their own institutions. Over the years DPC...

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Ten things I've learned about using OAIS from a sprawling twitter convo

Throughout the last couple of days I've blundered about the twitterspace, having a multidimensional debate about OAIS, prompted in the first instance by this tweet: HEY I KNOW YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING for the latest thing I hate about OAIS, so here it is:OAIS's “designated community” concept strongly implies that the only communities of interest to preservationists are those who should understand the data. — Ondatra iSchoolicus (@LibSkrat) August 27, 2019 I've done some ranting, I've got...

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‘Access is What we are Preserving’: But for Whom?

David Underdown and Leontien Talboom work at The National Archives UK Designated Communities, Representation Information and Knowledge Bases in a Wiki World  Thanks to Andy Jackson of the British Library's web archiving team for partial inspiration for the title of this post (the rest of the conversation is also largely relevant to the post too) I like to push this a little further: Access is what we are preserving. https://t.co/OKwB3oU5ak — Andy Jackson (@anjacks0n) February...

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Obsolescence 2.0 Digital Preservation by people, for people

On Sale at All Good Pharmacies: Eternal Life There’s a paradox that links digital preservation with medicine. Digital preservation systems are subject to the same obsolescence that they exist to guard against: and even great doctors catch colds. I believe my doctor is mortal but that doesn’t mean I reject her advice. Her advice is not intrinsically dependent on her own experience but is situated within a global, dynamic community of research and practice. The medical profession deals with the...

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OAIS Community

In collaboration with a number of other preservation organisations, the DPC is building a community around the sharing of experiences in using and applying preservation standards. The first of these to be addressed is the OAIS model. Visit the OAIS Community wiki for more information.

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Recording of Anthea Seles' 'OAIS: its limitations and (how) can they be fixed' - now available online

The recording of the latest DPC webinar with Dr Anthea Seles, Digital Transfer Manager at The National Archives, is now available for members to view online. In the webinar Anthea explores the standard, its origins and its strengths and weaknesses along with allied standards such as Trusted Repository Audit and Certification. She goes on to describe the processes involved in standards review and how the wider digital preservation community can participate in the reform of its core standard.

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OAIS 5 Year Review - Follow Up

DPC/DCC Workshop   Joint DCC and DPC Workshop: OAIS 5 Year Review - Follow Up (participation by invitation only) Response to CCSDS' comments on the OAIS 5 Year Review Recommendations for Update ReportA joint meeting of members of the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) and the DCC Associates Network members was held on 13 October 2006 to prepare a joint report for the 5 year review of the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Standard. The resulting report, " OAIS Five-year review...

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Joint Digital Curation Centre / Digital Preservation Coalition Workshop for OAIS 5 Year Review

OAIS Five-year review Recommendations for update This workshop will prepare a joint comment, on behalf of members of the Digital Curation Centre Associates Network and members of the Digital Preservation Coalition, for submission to the OAIS (Open Archival Information Systems Reference Model) 5 year review. The workshop is open to members of both organisations who are familiar with details of the standard and actively implementing or preparing to implement an OAIS. In compliance with, the...

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DPC Briefing on OAIS

The DPC held a briefing day on the OAIS model on 4th April 2006 at the York Innovation Centre. The purpose of the day was to examine the model and provide an informal but in-depth look at the practical application of the Open Archival Information System [OAIS] model in various UK institutions. OAIS is a high-level reference model which describes the functions of a digital archive and has been used as a model for a number of digital archiving repositories. It is now a recognized and...

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