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Preserving Moving Image & Sound: a DPC Briefing Day

The DPC invites you to join a briefing day to learn about emerging best practice in the digital preservation of sound and moving image. Invited speakers will share their experiences preserving these valuable collections at high risk of degradation and loss. Talks will address on-going work at national institutions tasked with looking after digital heritage as well as small organisations doing sound and moving image preservation on a shoe-string budget. Participants will have the opportunity to...

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Comparative analysis of uncompressed AVI and FFV1 video

Graham Purnell is a former photographer, web content and social media professional who began working as a Digital Preservation Assistant with the National Library of Scotland in early January 2019 The purpose of these tests: to use FFMPEG to transcode an uncompressed AVI file to FFV1, with identical ‘pixel-for-pixel’ output to the original source video, and to verify the results. I’ve read a lot of information on the internet about the benefits of using FFV1/MKV as an archive video...

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DPA2018 Winners Webinars: EPISODE 5 - IFI Loopline Project

The Digital Preservation Awards 2018 (DPA2018) Winners Webinar Series provides an opportunity to learn more about some of the latest and best digital preservation initiatives, recently celebrated by the Digital Preservation Awards on World Digital Preservation Day 2018 in Amsterdam. Each episode explores the winning entry for each category of the Digital Preservation Awards, providing an overview of each initiative, investigating how their work might be used within the community, and...

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Audiovisual archives & digital preservation

Bertram Lyons is Senior Consultant for AVP I want to tell a story to demonstrate the inherent relationship between audiovisual preservation and digital preservation. 1. What is it about audiovisual preservation today that requires us to engage in digital preservation? My story begins with a collection of folk music analog audio recordings in the Alan Lomax Archive. The year is 2002. The recordings -- I’ll focus on the 2,000 quarter-inch magnetic reel to reel audio tapes -- date from 1948...

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Against the clock: videotape digitisation and preservation now!

Stephen McConnachie is Head of Data and Digital Preservation and Charles Fairall is Clifford Shaw Head of Conservation, at the BFI  In the late 1950s magnetic videotape recording transformed the way television programmes were made, edited and broadcast. For a generation, the 2” Quadruplex format dominated the UK broadcast industry – the machinery was manufactured to military specifications and some 60 years on, it is still just possible to replay the...

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Everyone’s a winner?!

Kasandra O’Connell is Head of the IFI Irish Film Archive Last year I wrote a blog for World Digital Preservation Day contemplating the progress the Irish Film Institute (IFI) had made in the area of Digital Preservation; this year’s WDPD sees the IFI join the list of nominees for the DPC Digital Preservation awards in the Safeguarding the Digital Legacy category taking place in Amsterdam as part of the WDPD2018 celebrations. The project we are nominated for, The Loopline Conservation...

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What if … your smartphone movies were suddenly all erased?

Brecht Declercq is Manager of Digitisation and Acquisition at VIAA, the Flemish Institute for Archiving in Belgium There it is, lying next to you. Or maybe it is in your handbag or pocket. It may still be on your bedside table. Or your children are messing with it. Yesterday you used it to make some video clips. From your partner, your parents, your children, your BFF or just from the car before you. You probably didn’t think about it, but you documented your life in images and...

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Digital is an Illusion, but Film is a Reality?

Sanchai Chotirosseranee is Deputy Director of the Film Archive (Public Organization) in Thailand When it comes to the digital age, most people believed that there is no need to preserve original materials, once they are digitized. When we had a funding campaign for a film storage a decade ago, Dome Sukvong, the founder of the Thai Film Archive, used the motto inspired by a famous Thai saying that the “Digital is an Illusion, but Film is a Reality” to champion an awareness about the...

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A Greener Film Archive

Janice Chen is Archive Officer at the Asian Film Archive in Singapore Much has been written about the escalating carbon footprint arising from digital consumption and its resulting environmental impact. The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported that the world needs sweeping changes to energy, transportation and other systems to hold global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.[i] The bleak future facing our world and the devastating natural disasters in 2018 that have hit...

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No Time To Wait 3: Rough Consensus and Running Archives

Ashley Blewer is AV Preservation Specialist for Artefactual Systems   NTTW3 Group picture - Photo credit E. Verbruggen CC-BY

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Dear IFI Irish Film Archive of five years ago

{jcomments on} Kasandra O’Connell is Head of the IFI Irish Film Archive in Dublin, Ireland Dear IFI Irish Film Archive of five years ago, I know you are filled with trepidation at the sudden need for the IFI Irish Film Archive to preserve Ireland’s digital moving image heritage alongside your analogue collections. The switch to digital formats within the film and broadcasting sector in Ireland has been sudden, encouraged by a government sponsored scheme enabling cinemas to...

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How do I keep my digital films safe

{jcomments on} Joshua Ng is the Information Technology (IT) & Technical executive at the Asian Film Archive (AFA) based in Singapore. Hi Joshua, I made some short films a couple of years back. Some of them were submitted to competitions and won some awards. I have been keeping them in an external hard disk, thinking that since the files are backed up, it should be safe. But I had quite a scare the other day when my computer couldn't detect the hard disk. Fortunately when I tried it...

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'Personal Digital Preservation: Photographs and Video' by Richard Wright

{jcomments on} ‘The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) Technology Watch Report Personal Digital Archiving provides an overall approach and methodology for putting one's “digital house” in order. My purpose in this case note is to add the gory detail about digital photos and video, giving a one-person case study. I say exactly what software and processes I use (and which ones I've considered but rejected, or used and discarded), and try to be frank about successes and...

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