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DAM and LAM - towards convergence

Helen Hockx-Yu is Program Manager, Digital Product Access and Dissemination in the Office of Information Technologies for University of Notre Dame, Indiana USA INTRODUCTION Digital media are frequently produced and widely used at the University of Notre Dame (UND) to support education and research, and to document campus activities and athletic competitions. UND’s media products range from photographs and simple sound or video capture to sophisticated footage appropriate for...

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Long Now: Longer After

I’ve been thinking about interoperability a bit recently and wondered if it might help us frame a wider discussion on how digital preservation might integrate with the wider technology landscape. My basic thesis is that digital preservation remains a niche topic and this is bad news. For all the reasons we’ve discussed before, it’s hard to get chief technology officers, let alone finance directors to invest for the sake of the long term , but if we can build digital preservation capability for...

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Why digital preservation is or isn’t business as usual

There seems to be a lot of chatter around at the moment, and has been for some time, about how digital preservation should be ‘business as usual’. I like the idea; preservation becoming a core part of business activity. What we do every day. The only thing is I think this approach is wrong.

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Practical Preservation and People: a briefing about metadata

Presentations Preservation and People: understanding designated communities (Christian Keitel) What metadata does the Digital Repository of Ireland want, and how much do they actually get? (Kathryn Cassidy) How much metadata can archivists really expect (Alex Green) What metadata do users want and need, and how much can we get out of them (Katie Green) Designated communities, OAIS and assessment (Herve L’hours) Emerging Nuances of Digital Preservation Metadata (Angela...

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PREMIS and METS: (almost) everything you wanted to know about Preservation Metadata

It has long been recognised that competent documentation is a critical component to the deployment of data.  The problem is brought into sharp focus in the long term when the creators are not available to explain their working assumptions or to elucidate codes and fixes.  Sometimes called representation information, though more widely known as preservation metadata, this essential form of documentation secures the change of custody, tracks rights holders, captures changes, delineates...

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DPC Meeting on Preservation Metadata

The Digital Preservation Coalition has commissioned a series of Technology Watch reports on themes known to be of key interest to DPC members. The authors of the Technology Watch Report on Preservation Metadata (PDF 209KB) - Brian Lavoie, OCLC, and Richard Gartner, University of Oxford - agreed to lead an informal meeting of DPC members, many of whom have an active interest in this area.. Attendance was open to DPC members only and there was no charge. Numbers were limited to a maximum of...

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