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A new maturity model for digital preservation

We’d like to tell you a little bit about a digital preservation maturity model we have been developing for DPC members. “What? Another maturity model?” you might say. Indeed there are many maturity models already available, so why create another? To answer that, I’ll give you a bit of background as to how this particular piece of work came about and how we have approached it.

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The Maturing of Digital Preservation

Ross Harvey is Professor at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia I’ve been thinking lately about the maturing of digital preservation. Exactly when it was born is difficult to determine. Wikipedia’s ‘Timeline of Digital Preservation’[1] starts in 1972, and Peter Hirtle suggests ‘at least the 1960s’.[2] Other contenders include the establishment of data archives in the 1960s. But although its precise age is debatable, we can agree that digital preservation has been around long enough to...

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Invitation to participate in Maturity and Resourcing Survey for Digital Preservation

The Digital Preservation Oxford and Cambridge (DPOC) project in collaboration with the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has developed a short survey intended to gather information from collecting and research organisations around the world who have a remit to manage digital content. The survey has a particular focus on staffing resources, but also briefly covers policy, strategy, and maturity modelling. Concrete information for benchmarking institutions against...

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What's Going On...

As anyone who has attended one of our ‘Getting Started with Digital Preservation’ workshops will know, I love maturity modelling (and talking at length about why I love maturity modelling…..) Whether you're looking for a light weight tech-focused approach like the NDSA Levels through to something more indepth like the Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model, there's something out there for you. Why am I such an advocate for this process, you ask? It’s because I believe that if you’re...

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{jcomments on}  Andrea Goethals works at the National Library of New Zealand Recently I unexpectedly found myself with extra time on my hands, as I was preparing to take a new position halfway around the world. Like most of you, I’m assuming, I normally don’t get the time to go back and reread some of my favorite digital preservation papers, discover new favorites I missed previously, or to follow the sourced papers to see where it takes me. Because my interests lie in what it...

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Highlights from the E-ARK Conference

{jcomments on} Over the last three years, the partners of the E-ARK Project have worked together to develop and test specifications and tools for the creation and management of information packages for preservation. Around this work they have also been busily undertaking complementary research and resource creation, resulting in a wide variety of new and improved practical solutions for those undertaking digital preservation activities. On a crisp, cold day at the beginning of December...

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