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Teaching a Young Dog Old Tricks: Emulation Research at the National Library of Scotland

Sara Day Thomson is Research Officer at the DPC |  Graham Purnell is Digital Preservation Assistant at the National Library of Scotland 1: Getting Our Feet Wet in Emulation World Digital Preservation Day celebrates all the inspiring work being done in digital preservation around the world. It celebrates innovative tools and techniques, effective advocacy and awareness-raising, and collaboration among fellow practitioners. This summer, I got to experience all of those things at the...

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The Threat of the Double Extinction

Cees Hof is Project Acquisition Manager at Data Archiving and Networked Services(DANS) in the Netherlands  A first glimpse at the DPC ‘Save the Bits’ announcement on the compilation of a list of Digitally Endangered Species confused me when it passed my screen. Further scanning the text only increased this feeling as I encountered more ‘species’ related references, but it soon turned out I was misled by my own biologically biased search image. It was especially the ‘IUCN Red List of...

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