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DPC Response to Digital Britain: The Interim Report

DPC promotes long term access in Digital Britain. Full DPC Response to Digital Britain: The Interim Report (March 2009) Introduction The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is a not-for profit membership organisation whose primary objective is to raise awareness of the importance of the preservation of digital material and the attendant strategic, cultural and technological issues. It acts as an enabling and agenda-setting body within the digital preservation world and works to...

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JISC Digitisation Programme: Preservation Study

A DPC led consortium of the ULCC and Portico, undertook a study on behalf of JISC to review the preservation of the JISC Phase 2 digitisation programme. The successful proposal is available here. DPC successful proposal (PDF 362KB)A project blog is available at Case Studies Freeze frame [PDF 642KB] Archival Sound Recordings [PDF 699KB] Cabinet Papers Wels Jourmals

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Tackling the Preservation Challenge: Practical Steps for Repository Managers

DPC/RSP/DCC/JISC Workshop   A podcast from this event is available to download from: Speakers at the event tell us about practical tools and services to help repositories. Featuring contributions by Frances Boyle, Neil Beagrie, Barbara Sierman, Chris Awre, David Tarrant, Chris Yates, Rory McLeod, Adrian Brown, Kevin Ashley and Matthew Woollard.   We all know that preservation of repository content is vital -- but we also know...

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OAIS 5 Year Review - Follow Up

DPC/DCC Workshop   Joint DCC and DPC Workshop: OAIS 5 Year Review - Follow Up (participation by invitation only) Response to CCSDS' comments on the OAIS 5 Year Review Recommendations for Update ReportA joint meeting of members of the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) and the DCC Associates Network members was held on 13 October 2006 to prepare a joint report for the 5 year review of the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Standard. The resulting report, " OAIS Five-year review...

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Mind the Gap: Assessing Digital Preservation Needs in the UK

June 2008 The Review Board for the ITT 'Mind the Gap' - follow up study reviewed responses to the ITT in mid-June. Whilst the Review Board found much to commend in the proposals it was decided not to award a contract at this time. The brief will be re-scoped to focus on actions for which the DPC or its members can take responsibility for and it will have a strong practical and achievable focus. The 'Mind the Gap' report was published with 21 recommendations aimed at a range of stakeholders....

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DP Awards 2007 Showcase and Shaping the DPC

Programme 09:30 Registration 10:00 Welcome & Outline of Day - Frances Boyle, DPC Executive Director The 2007 DP Awards Showcase 10:10 The Judges Perspective - Kevin Ashley, Chair of the JudgesPresentation PDF 292KB 10:25 LIFE - Richard DaviesPresentation PDF 2.8MB 10.50 Web Curator Tool - Philip BeresfordPresentation PDF 2.8MB 11:15 Morning Break 11.30 PRONOM and DROID - Adrian...

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DPC/BL Joint JPEG 2000 Workshop

Introduction The JPEG2000 image compression technique has been cited by experts as a new archiving format for digital images. It is both a preservation and delivery format, and has been seen as a possible alternative to the TIFF format which most institutions use as a long-term archiving standard. Produced by both imaging experts and the Joint Photographic Experts Group, it is now a recognised ISO standard. The standard JPEG file format which is so widely in use is not yet an ISO...

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Joint Digital Curation Centre / Digital Preservation Coalition Workshop for OAIS 5 Year Review

OAIS Five-year review Recommendations for update This workshop will prepare a joint comment, on behalf of members of the Digital Curation Centre Associates Network and members of the Digital Preservation Coalition, for submission to the OAIS (Open Archival Information Systems Reference Model) 5 year review. The workshop is open to members of both organisations who are familiar with details of the standard and actively implementing or preparing to implement an OAIS. In compliance with, the...

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Policies for digital repositories: models and approaches

The DPC held a Briefing day on different implementations of digital repositories. This event was aimed at people who are in the process of planning digital repositories and who want to find out more about available tools and the benefits of each model. The day highlighted different approaches to and aspects of repository models and was useful for those who wish to take a more modular approach to repository building. The day was also useful to people who are starting to move from strategic...

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DPC Briefing on OAIS

The DPC held a briefing day on the OAIS model on 4th April 2006 at the York Innovation Centre. The purpose of the day was to examine the model and provide an informal but in-depth look at the practical application of the Open Archival Information System [OAIS] model in various UK institutions. OAIS is a high-level reference model which describes the functions of a digital archive and has been used as a model for a number of digital archiving repositories. It is now a recognized and...

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DPC Meeting on Preservation Metadata

The Digital Preservation Coalition has commissioned a series of Technology Watch reports on themes known to be of key interest to DPC members. The authors of the Technology Watch Report on Preservation Metadata (PDF 209KB) - Brian Lavoie, OCLC, and Richard Gartner, University of Oxford - agreed to lead an informal meeting of DPC members, many of whom have an active interest in this area.. Attendance was open to DPC members only and there was no charge. Numbers were limited to a maximum of...

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Digital Preservation in Institutional Repositories

The 9th DPC Forum was a collaboration between CURL and the British Library. The theme of institutional repositories was proposed by CURL as being very timely as the move from theory to practice is likely to accelerate, requiring more emphasis on sustainability and lessons learned from the practical experience of early adopters. Clifford Lynch's quote from a recent RLG DigiNews : 'An institutional repository needs to be a service with continuity behind it........Institutions need to recognize...

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Preservation of e-Learning Materials and Cost Models for Digital Preservation

Presentations This was the fourth forum held by the Digital Preservation Coalition. The Forums aim to share experience from leading projects with DPC members organisations and to address topical issues in digital preservation. With the growth of distance learning and an increasing effort to digitise collections and package them for use in education in school, colleges, and universities, developing digital respositories and standards for managing learning objects are growing issues. The first...

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