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Appraising Appraisal and picking the right tool for the job

For the past few years I’ve been working as Digital Archivist in Special Collections at the University of Leeds Library, and it’s been a slow and often frustrating shuffle toward a digital preservation ‘solution’ here while we try to balance that good old three legged stool of technology, organisation and resources mentioned by Sarah Mason in a previous post. I deal with literary archives and collections which are either entirely born-digital or hybrids of paper and digital, and our...

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It's Personal: Collecting, Preserving and Using Personal Digital Archives

Introduction Digital preservation has made significant strides in the last two decades, primarily at corporate or institutional levels. This takes different expressions in different contexts such as the establishment of institutional repositories for research outputs; the incorporation of digital preservation within institutional missions; or the assertion of regulatory and statutory requirements for data retention for companies. Although much work remains to be done, institutions are not...

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Digital Preservation for Forensics

As digital resources grow in scale, complexity and importance so the task of making sense of collections becomes more involved.  It can be a significant challenge to retrieve, assess and access digital data even when they are thoughtfully arranged and their context is well understood.  In an increasing number of cases, however, archives, memory institutions and researchers in all kinds of settings find themselves with the challenge of managing, preserving and interpreting collections...

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