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Digital Preservation Awards 2016: How to enter

Applications All nominees should read the Nomination Pack (DPA16A) and submit their application using the Nomination Form (DPA16B) which must include the following: A brief summary of the project of no more than 100 words. This wording will be used on publicity material and should be as concise and clear as possible. A project description of no more than 1000 words, setting out the nature and purpose of the project, and why it is considered to be a potential Award-winner. The project...

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Digital Preservation Awards 2016: Background and Overview

The Digital Preservation Awards celebrate the excellence and innovation that will help to ensure our digital memory is available tomorrow. The first Digital Preservation Award was created in 2004 to raise awareness about digital preservation. It provided a rare opportunity to engage in some high profile advocacy, articulating nuanced messages about how and why one might engage in digital preservation. Today, the Awards continue to enable the DPC to endorse and celebrate outstanding work which...

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Digital Preservation Awards launched for 2016

The Digital Preservation Coalition's quest to find and celebrate the very best work in digital preservation across all sectors has begun again this year, with the launch of the 2016 Digital Preservation Awards.  The prestigious Digital Preservation Awards is the most prominent celebration of achievement for those people and organisations who have made significant and innovative contributions to maintaining a digital legacy, and will culminate in a glittering awards ceremony at the...

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Digital Preservation Awards 2014

Watch the Digital Preservation Awards Ceremony, filmed live at the Wellcome Collection Conference Centre on 17th November 2014 Find out more

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DPC Response to EU Science Information Policy Consultation

The DPC has responded to a consultation from the EC regarding science information policy, noting that the impacts sought from improved access to scientific information are only viable where sufficient attention is paid to preservation.  Preservation has a particular importance for scientific information because meaningful innovation is necessarily responsive previous generations of research. In that sense, preservation of appropriate research outputs is essential to all sciences,...

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DPC Response to Legal Deposit Consultation

DPC Response to Second Consultation on Legal Deposit (December 2010) The DPC has responded to the second phase of consultation on Electronic Legal Deposit noting the essential relationship between preservation and access. We note and welcome the proposal that extend legal deposit to include charged content as well as content to which access is restricted. This will create the conditions where a more rounded and more valuable national archive can be created. Experience in digital preservation...

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DPC Response to Public Records Review

The DPC has responded to the consultation on the Public records review, welcoming the explicit statement that digitized and ‘born digital’ materials constitute a public record, noting and supporting the focus on informational content and the consequent need for ‘technology proofing’ and the management of formats.  The DPC has offered its assistance in identifying and resolving issues that may arise. Research shows that clear advice about the preservation of digital materials is both...

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DPC Response to Review of Exceptions

The DPC has published its response to the recent Intellectual Property Office consultation on exceptions to copyright law with a detailed discussion of how these proposals impact on digital preservation.  In summary, the DPC warmly welcomes the proposal to permit multiple copies to be created for preservation purposes. It notes and welcomes the proposal to broaden the types of content that can qualify for this exception and welcomes the proposal that extends this...

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DPC Response to First Consultation on Legal Deposit (March 2010)

The DPC has published its response to the recent consultation from the Department for Culture Media and Sport on 'UK Online Publications'.  The DPC has welcomed the progress which has been made by the Legal Deposit Advisory Panel on recommendations for collecting digital material and is eager that the momentum recently achieved is maintained so that continuing progress can be made. It warmly welcomes the proposal for regulation-based harvesting and calls for early...

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National Heritage Science Strategy

National Heritage Science Strategy Consultation The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee inquiry on Science and Heritage called for the production of a new National Heritage Science Strategy, a task that is now being taken forward by the National Heritage Science Strategy Steering Group.  Work has progressed in four packages: at the time of writing 3 reports have been released for consultation and a fourth document - the strategy iteslf is in development. The DPC has...

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DPC Response to Digital Britain: The Interim Report

DPC promotes long term access in Digital Britain. Full DPC Response to Digital Britain: The Interim Report (March 2009) Introduction The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is a not-for profit membership organisation whose primary objective is to raise awareness of the importance of the preservation of digital material and the attendant strategic, cultural and technological issues. It acts as an enabling and agenda-setting body within the digital preservation world and works to...

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Mind the Gap: Assessing Digital Preservation Needs in the UK

June 2008 The Review Board for the ITT 'Mind the Gap' - follow up study reviewed responses to the ITT in mid-June. Whilst the Review Board found much to commend in the proposals it was decided not to award a contract at this time. The brief will be re-scoped to focus on actions for which the DPC or its members can take responsibility for and it will have a strong practical and achievable focus. The 'Mind the Gap' report was published with 21 recommendations aimed at a range of stakeholders....

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DP Awards 2007 Showcase and Shaping the DPC

Programme 09:30 Registration 10:00 Welcome & Outline of Day - Frances Boyle, DPC Executive Director The 2007 DP Awards Showcase 10:10 The Judges Perspective - Kevin Ashley, Chair of the JudgesPresentation PDF 292KB 10:25 LIFE - Richard DaviesPresentation PDF 2.8MB 10.50 Web Curator Tool - Philip BeresfordPresentation PDF 2.8MB 11:15 Morning Break 11.30 PRONOM and DROID - Adrian...

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