iPres 2022 Recordings Available

The DPC is delighted to announce that the videos of the recorded sessions at iPres 2022 are now available! The 18th edition of the International Conference on Digital Preservation was hosted by the Digital Preservation Coalition from 12 to 16 September 2022.

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Our activities sustain and enable our community to collaborate and grow, and we maintain and refresh the social infrastructure which helps the community cohere as it expands. In doing so, we foster openness and challenge structural inequalities that constrain participation.

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We work towards a climate of public and institutional policy which is better informed and better inclined towards digital preservation.

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Workforce Development

We provide opportunities for our members to acquire, develop and retain competent and responsive workforces that are ready to address the challenges of digital preservation.

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Good Practice

We support our members towards greater maturity in digital preservation by delivering knowledge exchange, continuous improvement, horizon scanning, advice on standards, authoritative publications, and engaging and informative events.

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Accountable, Sustainable, Dynamic Governance

We remain accountable to members and responsive to their needs, particularly as the scale of our activities expand.

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We are building:
  • a dynamic and mutually supportive digital preservation community.
  • a political and institutional climate more responsive and better informed about the digital preservation challenge.
  • workforces that are ready to address the challenges of digital preservation.
  • high quality and sustainable digital preservation services.
  • good practice and standards that make digital preservation achievable.
  • a sustainable, competent organization focussed on member needs.
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Digital Preservation Handbook

The Handbook identifies good practice in creating, managing and preserving digital materials. By providing a strategic overview of the key issues, discussion and guidance on strategies and activities, and pointers to key projects and reports, the Handbook provides guidance for institutions and individuals and a range of tools to help them identify and take appropriate actions.

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MIX 2023 Call for Presentations and Papers: Storytelling in Immersive Media 6 February 2023 MIX 2023 invites proposals from technologists and creative writers and poets working in the digital realm, including artists and practitioners, as well as as well as academic researchers and independent scholars. Read Article
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#DPConnect (weekly)

10 Feb 2023 - 02:00PM

#DPConnect returns at 1400 UTC as a weekly online space to drop in and discuss all things digital preservation.

The gatherings will remain short and informal, 30 minutes max ...

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