Blog posts from around the world on World Digital Preservation Day 2018
Hanging on to what you've got - on Digital Preservation Day

Charles Miller, UK

Introducing the unique archive of Hilma Granqvist (Finnish)

Kira Pihlflyckt, Finnish Institute in the Middle East (FIME)

Reise in die Vergangenheit – Wie Emulationen frühe Arbeitsumgebungen wiederauferstehen lassen / Journey into the past - how emulations revive early work environments (German)

Beat Mattmann, University of Basel

Understanding long-term preservation – today and tomorrow

Fabian Till Schneider, ETH Zürich

Columbia Libraries Celebrates World Digital Preservation Day

Columbia Libraries, USA

Certificate Transparency

David Rosenthal, USA

Inside the Seas of Knowledge Digitization Project

Mattie Gainer, National Archives Foundation, USA

Digitizing Film Guide

by Carla Arton, Director of Technical Operations (Film), Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative, Indiana University 

A map of Digital Preservation Island – World Digital Preservation Day 2018

Merle Friedrich, TIB Germany

Digging in Digital Dust: Internet Archaeology at KB-NL in the Netherlands

Peter de Bode and Kees Teszelszky, IIPC and KB

Web archiving – what you need to know

Katie Lyne, National Records of Scotland


Alex Kinnaman, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA

Digital Preservation: How UM Libraries are Confronting the Challenges of Record Keeping in a Digital World

Natalie Vielfaure, University of Manitoba, Canada

Happy World Digital Preservation Day from New Zealand!

PRC Team, National Library of New Zealand

World Digital Preservation Day 2018

John Trendler, USA

La préservation numérique, un enjeu majeur pour les institutions de mémoire (French)

Martine Renaud, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

Archives Unleashed – Vancouver Datathon

Carl Cooper, Bodleian Libraries, UK

Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group

Shawn M. Jones, Old Dominion University, USA

Celebrating World Digital Preservation Day with the Rosetta Team

Daniel Greenberg, Ex Libris, Israel

How much is doing nothing really costing your organisation? Why digital preservation shouldn’t be ignored.

Paula Keogh, Arkivum, UK

World Digital Preservation Day 2018

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

Mae Moss, Archives and Special Collections Cataloguing Placement.

Mae Moss, University of the Arts London, UK

ADS Business Process Review

Julian Richards, Archeology Data Service, UK

Eight weeks with the OPF

Charlotte Armstrong, Open Preservation Foundation, UK

Community Cultivation, Revisited

Katherine Skinner, Educopia, USA

Humans of Data 28

Kirsty Morrison, The Kings Fund, UK

Humans of Data 28


Being trustworthy and FAIR requires people, processes, technologies and collaboration

Mari Kleemola, FSD, Finland

World Digital Preservation Day 2018

Rachel MacGregor, UK

Celebrating World Digital Preservation Day

Elisabeth Thurlow, University of the Arts London, UK

in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate

Tim Evans, Archaeology Data Service, UK

Library and Archives Canada’s journey of discovery: modernising our digital preservation infrastructure using Preservica

Sylvain Bélanger, Library and Archives Canada

Researchers about TiU Dataverse

Petra Ploeg, Tilburg University, Netherlands

Preservación digital, aquí y ahora (Spanish)

García González & M.J. Baños-Moreno, Odilo, Spain

World Digital Preservation Day 2018

Helena Byrne, British Library, UK

Archives and special collections in the digital age

Elisabeth Thurlow, University of the Arts London, UK

Dealing with computer viruses in digital collections

Evanthia Samaras, British Library, UK

Nieuwe publicatie over digitaal preserveren (Dutch)

Bart de Nil, Faro, Belgium

Kansallisarkisto tarjoaa ratkaisuja sähköiseen säilyttämiseen (Finnish) 

Markus Merenmies, National Archives of Finland

Digital photography – asking the right questions

Anne Hocking, State Library of New South Wales, Australia

PanDA – digital asset ingestion at scale

Pete Brotherton, State Library of New South Wales, Australia

A ragtag bunch of computer misfits

Leigh Rosin, National Library New Zealand

Archives digipres team and World Digital Preservation Day today!

Archives New Zealand

The history of you and me

Valerie Love, National Library of New Zealand

Digital Preservation in Practice

Teresa Soleau, Lorain Wang and Linta Kunnathuparambil, The Getty, USA

Queering up Kiwi history

Will Hansen, National Library of New Zealand

World Digital Preservation Day 2018 – Ein Rückblick (German)

Beat Mattmann, University of Basel


Digital Preservation in the media on World Digital Preservation Day 2018

New York Times

World Digital Preservation Day And Other Storage News



Blog posts from around the world on International Digital Preservation Day 2017

'Celebration of the International Digital Preservation Day'

Daniel Gomes,, Portugal

'Digital Archives, Working with Depositors'

Simon Wilson, Hull History Centre, UK

'Digital preservation and the Anne McLaren Papers'

Jonathan Pledge, British Library

'International Digital Preservation Day at the Danish National Archives'

Jan Dalsten Sørensen, Danish National Archives

'Let There Be Digital Preservation – A View from the Data Archive'

Tuomas J. Alaterä, Finnish Social Science Data Archive

'Personal archives and personal digital archiving'

Dr. Arian Rajh, Highflott, Zagreb Croatia

'Taking a holistic approach: Creating a digital preservation program at Rensselaer Libraries'

Andrea Byrne, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), USA

'The Lifecycle and Preservation of Electronic Records'

Leslie Johnston, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), USA

'The new ETH Zurich Web Archive'

Marion Wullschleger and Angela Gastl, ETH Zurich University Archives, Switzerland


Tighearnan Kelly, National Library of Australia

'Why Storage is not Preservation: A Conversation, surrounded by Conservation'

Kathryn Cassidy, Digital Repository of Ireland, Dublin