5 March 2020 | 15:00 GMT Online | Zoom

Following on from Episode Three on integrating web archives into existing collections, this episode addresses strategies for engaging researchers and other users and raising awareness about how to find and use archived web content.

While methods for capturing and archiving the web have improved, significant use of these materials by researchers is still relatively nascent. Many archive and library users aren’t even aware that web archives exist. Speakers for this webinar will discuss the importance of outreach and raising awareness and present strategies for advocacy. Talks will also cover methods for identifying users and gaining better knowledge of how they use and interpret archived web content. These topics will help craft a message for stakeholders about the value and importance of web archives.

Speakers on this webinar will each provide a 15 minute overview of outreach and awareness raising and on understanding user groups. These short talks will be followed by a period of questions and discussions, including speaker responses to some set questions to help highlight different approaches and contexts.


  • Anna Perricci, Web Archiving Consultant
  • Tom Storrar, UK Government Web Archive, The National Archives (UK)
  • Jason Webber, UK Web Archive, British Library 

More about this Series

This series of webinars provides an overview of several core themes of work in the capture, management, and preservation of web content, from institutional webpages to social media datasets. Each episode investigates one or more important components of web archiving through the experiences of practitioners. Invited speakers share the knowledge and insight they have acquired along the way through case studies and practical examples. These presentations will set the stage for a wider discussion, where attendees can pose questions and share experiences of their own.

The webinar series is hosted by the Digital Preservation Coalition as part of the Web Archiving & Preservation Working Group (WAPWG).

See the list of Episodes.

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