Vacancy for Trainee Digital Archivist / Digital Archivist at Orkney Council

19 February 2023


£29,540 - £35,140 per year


DPC Working Groups and Task Forces: New opportunities to collaborate in 2023

Added on 26 January 2023

This year the DPC offers new, and revised, Working Groups and Task Forces to cover a range of digital preservation interests and goals. Open to all DPC members, these groups provide regular fora to exchange good practice, discuss challenges faced and raise gaps in capability for future development.

The Working Groups will explore a specific subject area on an ongoing basis, while Task Forces will address a specific task on a time-limited basis.

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Vacancy for Special Collections and Archives Manager at Lancaster University

19 February 2023


£36,386 to £42,155


Call for Applicants: DPC Grants for IIPC Web Archiving Conference 2023

Added on 24 January 2023

The DPC is pleased to offer up to two Career Development Fund grants for members to attend the IIPC Web Archiving Conference 2023 (#IIPCWAC23), being held in-person at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision located in Hilversum, the Netherlands, from 11-12 May 2023.

Each grant will cover 100% of the registration fees as well as a contribution towards travel and accommodation. More details about the grants are provided below, and applications are welcomed from DPC members until the grant application deadline of 7:00 UTC on 14th February 2023.

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Completed Working Groups and Task Forces

Completed, inactive or superseded groups

External groups which have consulted DPC

The links here are to advisory groups, working groups, and task forces charged with a range of objectives but all broadly concerned with digital preservation issues. They all have involvement from DPC members.

  • Copyright and Licensing for Digital Preservation Project Advisory Group
    An eighteen month AHRB funded research project managed by the University of Loughborough. The project sought to investigate whether copyright legislation and licensed access to digital content threaten the ability of libraries to provide long-term access to that content and to suggest ways in which the problems can be overcome.
  • Experts Working Group on the Preservation of Digital Memory
    The experts workgroup was established following the International Conference in Firenze on 16/17 October 2003 in order to check the state-of-art and plan development as needed to implement the resolution principles. The workgroup is headed by the Erpanet and Minerva projects, under the chairing of the European Commission.
  • PADI International Advisory Group
    The Preserving Access to Digital Information (PADI) web site is a subject gateway to digital preservation resources. It has an associated discussion list padiforum-l for the exchange of news and ideas about digital preservation issues. The National Library of Australia, who host the PADI site, have a MOU with the DPC, and one of the outputs of this is the quarterly current awareness bulletin What's New In Digital Preservation? Available both from the DPC website and PADI. There is also DPC representation on PADI's International Advisory Group, established to provide advice and guidance for the PADI initiative.
  • PREMIS (PREservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies)
    This working group continues the effort of the OCLC/RLG Working group which developed the preservation metadata framework, using the metadata framework as a conceptual foundation and starting point for its work. The focus of the PREMIS group will be on the practical aspects of implementing preservation metadata in digital preservation systems.
  • RLG/NARA Task Force on Digital Repository Certification
    The purpose of the TF is to produce certification requirements for establishing and selecting reliable digital information repositories. This effort is part of ongoing work with the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) model, and RLG and NARA intend the results to go into the standardization process through the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) Archiving Series. A draft of the task force's certification report is now available from the RLG Digital Repository Certification page.
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Key Dates for 2023

Added on 20 January 2023

DPC has now confirmed the program of meetings for its Executive Board and Representative Council in 2023, as well as the Annual General Meeting.

The Representative Council is the ‘general assembly’ of the Coalition.  It is formed by representatives of all our full members and it owns the DPC’s Strategy. In that role it receives the reports of DPC's 5 thematic subcommittees.  The Executive Board is a smaller body recruited from the Representative Council and responsible for corporate governance.  These groups will meet every three months in 2023 as follows:

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Vacancy for Internal Accessions Officer at Historic England

29 January 2023


£28,856 pro rata plus generous benefits



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