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The use of storage technology for digital preservation has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. During this time, there has been a change in practice. Previously, the norm was for storing digital materials using discrete media items e.g. individual CDs, tapes, etc., which are then migrated periodically to address degradation and obsolescence.

Today, it has become more common practice to use resilient IT storage systems for the increasingly large volumes of digital material that needs to be preserved, and perhaps more importantly, that needs to be easily and quickly retrievable in a culture of online access. In this way, digital material has become decoupled from the underlying mechanism of its storage. With this come consequent benefits of allowing different preservation activities to be handled independently.

But what does the future hold for digital preservation storage?

Discussing a topic which effects both DPC Members and Supporters in different ways, this event will seek to identify requirements for emerging storage solutions.

Who should attend?

This event is for DPC Members and Supporters, and an opportunity to talk openly together.

Outline Agenda*

 This event will take place over two time zones to enable DPC Members and Supporters from around the world to attend. 

 Session 1:     Session 2:  


New York





1500 – 1700 // 25 May

1800 – 2000 // 25 May

2300 – 0100 // 25 - 26 May

0000 – 0200 // 26 May

0600 – 0800 // 26 May

0800 – 1000 // 26 May


New York



0800 – 1000 // 26 May

1100 – 1300 // 26 May

1600 – 1800 // 26 May

1700 – 1900 // 26 May


Both sessions will follow the same outline programme:

  • Welcome by William Kilbride, DPC
  • Introduction to the Future of Storage by Paul Wheatley, DPC
  • Emerging Technology: An introduction to DNA Storage by Daniel Chadash, Twist BioScience
  • Member Case Study with Euan Cochrane, Yale University
  • Supporter Lightning Talks from AVP, Artefactual, Arkivum, LIBNOVA, Max Communications, Preservica
  • DPC Member Panel Discussion chaired by William Kilbride, DPC
  • Wrap up, thanks and close

 *Subject to change


The event follows a series of Digital Preservation Futures webinars between 4th - 13th May which showcases the product and service offerings of each of our DPC Supporters in turn, before DPC staff invite speakers to respond on a series of themes which represent our understanding of member interests. Registration for the webinars series remains open.

Can't attend?

We will record the plenary sessions and share these with DPC Members and Supporters.

The event is part of the Digital Preservation Futures series: DPC Members, log in to watch the accompanying webinars. 


This event is for DPC Members and Supporters – please log in to book your place.

Registration will remain open until Friday 21st May 2021. 

DPC Inclusion & Diversity Policy

The DPC Community is guided by the values set out in our Strategic Plan and aims to be respectful, welcoming, inclusive and transparent. It encourages diversity in all its forms and is committed to being accessible to everyone who wishes to engage with the topic of digital preservation. The DPC asks all those who are part of this community and/or attending a DPC event be positive, accepting, and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others in alignment with our DPC Inclusion & Diversity Policy.

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