Members Lounge: Connecting the Bits Special #2

Members are invited to join us to discuss and validate some key actions for the DPC’s next 12-month program of activities. Activities will be based on themes extracted from Full Member lightning videos and proposed as a result of a subsequent Sub-Committee review.

The themes for discussion will be published in advance.

If you can't make this session, we are holding another Members Lounge Special at 09:00 BST on 13th June 2019.

Registration is not required, DPC Members please login to enter.

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Digital Preservation Futures: Community Forum 2019


The digital preservation community has many parts; those who create data, the curators who are charged with looking after our digital legacy, solution providers who support the preservation process and those who consume the digital information successfully and continuously preserved. These groups cannot operate independently and alone, each relies on the others to do their bit, to enable the sustained and immediate access to digital information we have all come to expect.

With data volumes only set to increase and with organizational budgets unlikely to follow suit, this community of individuals and organizations must come together to develop robust solutions to take us forward into the Digital Preservation Future.

An extension of the DPC Member’s ‘Connecting the Bits’ feedback process which will take place over the preceding months, this half-day event will provide a neutral forum to summarise the key challenges anticipated by members, before inviting speakers from our DPC Supporters to collaborate and develop new ideas.

In place of a traditional ‘trade fair,’ this event is designed to provide an opportunity for DPC Supporters to engage directly and meaningfully with DPC members, for the benefit of the whole community. 

In preparation...

In advance of the Digital Preservation Futures: Community Forum in Dublin, we'll be running a series of accompanying webinars from 14th - 23rd May. Featuring our DPC Supporters in turn, these webinars will showcase product and service offerings before the DPC's Paul Wheatley challenges each to respond on a series of themes which represent (his interpretation of) member concerns. Members may then pose their own questions on how Supporters would manage their concerns in a question and answer session.

DPC Members are encouraged to attend the webinar sessions as Supporter products and services form an important part of how we address the digital preservation challenge. This series aims to present - in the context of member concerns - a portion of the digital preservation marketplace offerings, in order to help members identify community needs.

Sign up for the webinars here

Community Forum: Outline Program

  • 13.00—Welcome and introductions (DPC)
  • 13.15 —The Digital Preservation Future: Summary of DPC member perspectives from Connecting the Bits process and introductory webinars
  • 13.45 —Panel Discussion: Technology, services and support - Supporters Horizon Scanning
  • 14.30 —Solutions workshop: What do we actually need?
  • 15.30 —Feedback and Community Discussion
  • 16.00—Close, discussion to continue over early evening drinks


Registration is free and for DPC Members and Supporters only. Please login to register for this event.

Can't make it?

We will be live streaming the introductory and panel sessions of this event, and recordings will be made available to DPC members after the event.

By registering for this event, attendees understand that it will be recorded and/or live streamed online, through external channels as well as the DPC website, and that their image and comments may be captured and shared as part of the event content. 

DPC Inclusion & Diversity Policy

The DPC Community is guided by the values set out in our Strategic Plan and aims to be respectful, welcoming, inclusive and transparent. It encourages diversity in all its forms and is committed to being accessible to everyone who wishes to engage with the topic of digital preservation. The DPC asks all those who are part of this community and/or attending a DPC event be positive, accepting, and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others in alignment with our DPC Inclusion & Diversity Policy.

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Digital Preservationists Anonymous


Many times what we perceive as an error or failure is actually a gift. And eventually we find that lessons learned from that discouraging experience prove to be of great worth.

Richelle E. Goodrich

We all know that the most valuable learning is often made when trying things out in practice and sometimes making mistakes. Sharing that experience in a public forum is, unfortunately, not usually an option however. This event, seeks to provide a safe space to share, discuss and learn at the practical end of digital preservation.

Digital Preservationists Anonymous (DPA) will bring together DPC members (and only DPC members) to share the mistakes made, the pain suffered and the challenges encountered on our digital preservation journeys. We’ll discuss how to learn from those experiences and move forward. This will be a chance to reflect on things that have not gone as well as we liked, to consider the difficult challenges we’ve been attempting to solve, but more importantly it will also be an opportunity to take a positive approach to this work and to find ways to make progress by helping each other.

This event will have some ground rules. Unsurprisingly, the first rule is the Chatham House Rule. The second rule of Digital Preservationists Anonymous is that you must share with the group. All attendees are expected to deliver a 3 minute / 3 slide lightning talk to tell us about a challenge, set back or “failure”. The third rule is: the group will help. After hearing lightning talks from the attendees, we’ll discuss those issues, and work out how to learn from them and solve them.

Digital Preservation Anonymous is a new approach to facilitating knowledge exchange between DPC members, which emerged initially from discussions at Connecting the Bits – our annual members day – and was subsequently developed with help from our members. These events have been incredibly popular with our members since we first trialled them in 2017.

Key aims/benefits

  • It's an opportunity to share challenges, set backs, and frustrations but realise that you are not alone
  • We will benefit from understanding and learning from the experiences of others
  • We'll actively work together to find a way forward with our shared problems

House rules

  • Chatham House Rule. What happens at DPA, stays at the DPA.
  • Everyone must participate and must bring along some "pain" to share with the group! Every attendee will be expected to deliver a 3 minute lightning talk.
  • Be positive: focus on how we can move things forward

Outline for the session

  • Introduction to Digital Preservation Anonymous
  • Lightning talks from attendees
  • Group discussion
  • Wrap up:
    • What challenges did we miss? Discuss them briefly.
    • What are the main take-aways for participants?
    • Are there important issues for DPC to take away and address?
    • How did the event go as a whole? Gauge appetite for more. What can we improve for next time?


Registration is free and open to DPC Members only. Spaces are incredibly limited (max 10) so please register soon to hold your seat. If you have any questions about registration please contact Paul Wheatley (paul.wheatley[at]

DPC Members please login to register.


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