24 June 2020 | 10:00 - 16:30 BST London | TBC


The recent emergence of a genuine marketplace for third-party services has seen a difference in the way organizations approach the delivery of digital preservation. Much has changed in ten years, including the growth and maturation of commercial solutions, a competitive marketplace and the paradigm shift to cloud computing.

This shift has brought considerable benefit. A professional digital preservation capability can now (at least in part) be bought off the shelf and implemented relatively rapidly. The growing number of third-party providers has generated a variety of effective products leading to new competition, which has stimulated growth and development.

The emergence of the commercial digital preservation marketplace also brings new challenges and risks. Mitigating these risks requires staff to gain new skills in managing outsourced work, renewed attention to quality checking, dedication to maintaining effective communication with third parties and an awareness of the common problems that might occur.

Feedback from both DPC Members and Supporters suggests that procurement activities are complex, challenging and very time consuming. Members typically find slow moving procurement projects frustrating and feel unsure if these resource intensive activities will be successful in making the right procurement choices. Supporters are frustrated by the need to produce bespoke responses to long Requests for Information (RFIs), despite an obvious core set of questions that appear from one RFI to the next (albeit with different wording).

The Digital Preservation Coalition invites DPC Members and Supporters to a day of practical discussions which will explore experiences on both sides of the procurement process, will introduce a new resource which provides advice on how to get the best result possible out of a procurement process with minimum pain for all parties, and aims to identify a core set of functional requirements for a digital preservation repository. 

This day-long session will provide a neutral forum where those involved in procuring and providing digital preservation solutions can talk directly and without prejudice about the challenges they face. The dialogue that results aims to clarify the process of requirements gathering and lower the barriers to effective procurement. 

The program has been designed for all DPC Members and Supporters: Members who have undertaken or are in the middle of a procurement process, to share their experiences as well as those who have not yet undertaken a procurement process, to share their perceptions of the process and help shape a set of resources to help them do this is the future. DPC Supporters will also share their own experiences and insights into the procurement process to help shape these resources.

Outline Program (subject to change)

  • 1000 – Registration open, tea and coffee
  • 1030 – Welcome and Introductions
  • 1035 – Member Experiences
  • 1135 – Supporter Experiences
  • 1245 – Lunch
  • 1345 – Introduction to the Procurement Guide
  • 1415 – Breakout: Developing a core set of functional requirements (including refreshment break)
  • 1530 – Feedback and Discussion
  • 1600 – Close

DPC Supporters may display stands and marketing materials at this event.  

More information and registration details to follow... 

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