19 March 2020

In order for the sessions to run smoothly and achieve their aim of effectively connecting the community, here are a few pieces of guidance #DPConnect Session Captains may find useful:

  • Preparation – #DPConnect has been set up to use the DPC’s Zoom platform. The sessions have been set up so that you may join before the host (i.e. a DPC staff member) so you will be able to run the sessions without us present. We recommend joining your session a little ahead of the scheduled time, in order to make sure you can connect OK, and that you are there as others arrive. Just click on the URL you have been sent for the session time you have volunteered to Captain (NB: Links are reusable and remain the same for each time zone, every day). As a reminder the timings are:
    • Australasia and Asia, timing and details TBC
    • Europe and Africa - 12:30 GMT
    • The Americas and Pacific - 12:30 PDT (19:30GMT)
  • Timings – The sessions need not be long, but in order to allow people time to connect we recommend starting your session at the designated time and running it for at least 15 minutes. After that time, if people are still talking and appear to want to continue, please feel free to let the session run on until conversation draws to a natural close, or you see fit to draw it to a close. If you have no participants within the first 15 minutes of the session, you may close the session.
  • Moderation and conduct – We would like to make sure that within each of the #DPConnect sessions everyone feels welcome, safe and supported – particularly in such uncertain times. The DPC Community is guided by the values set out in our Strategic Plan and aims to be respectful, welcoming, inclusive and transparent - the same applies to #DPConnect sessions. We encourage diversity in all its forms and are committed to being accessible to everyone who wishes to engage with the topic of digital preservation, whilst remaining technology and vendor neutral. We ask all those who attend a #DPConnect session to be positive, accepting, and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others in alignment with our DPC Inclusion & Diversity Policy.

    As Captain we would be grateful if you could oversee the sessions to make sure these values are upheld. We have already stated this on the sign up page so you should not need to say anything to this effect and we think it is unlikely you will encounter anything other than a good community spirited conversation but, in this setting, really this means: no threatening or intimidating language of any sort and no sales pitches. You may remind any participant who strays away from these values how we conduct ourselves at the DPC. 

    There is no set agenda or theme for the #DPConnect sessions, but please do feel free to initiate conversation on a digital preservation topic if you would like to.
  • Feedback – These are unprecedented times and this is a new activity we’re running in an attempt to keep people connected, so please do drop us an email after you’ve finished your session if you have time, to let us know how it went and if you have any suggestions about how we could do it differently or better!

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