Andrew Davidson with 'Fraserburgh on Film'

Fraserburgh on Film is a archive of moving image, shot by residents of the North East of Scotland throughout the 20th century. The project was produced by Robert Gordon University Student, Andrew Davidson as part of an MSc in Information and Library Studies. Through the collation of both film and other digital artefacts, the online platform tells the story of the area through the words spoken and images created by the people who lived and worked there over the years.


Badar Al-rhabi with 'The maturity level of digital preservation in Sultanate of Oman's institutions: a comparative study'

This is the first study to highlight digital preservation practices in the Sultanate of Oman. The research benchmarks three major cultural heritage organisations against the 5 areas of functionality for digital preservation identified by the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) in their maturity model 'Levels of Digital Preservation'. Comparative case studies are used to evaluate the selected organisations’ digital preservation activities and identify areas requiring development. Semi-structured interviews with key staff were coded and analysed to identify and compare the maturity levels of each organisation. The results suggest areas of strengths and weaknesses and proposes a set of recommendations.


Lotte Wijsman with 'The Significant Properties of Spreadsheets: Stakeholder Analysis'

Spreadsheets are reliant on software that could become obsolete. When this materialises, the file must be converted to an alternative format and, as a consequence, a loss of information could occur. It is therefore important to define what is significant and should be preserved. This study develops a framework on how to assess which properties stakeholders deem to be significant. Statistical analyses combined with a Spreadsheet Complexity Analyser show that objective criteria of a spreadsheet are strong predictors of significant properties. This study also provides guidance to archives for best practices concerning stakeholder analysis in the context of significant properties.

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