A new way of sharing nursing history – Royal College of Nursing member and public digital archives

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) is the world’s largest nursing trade union and professional body. Organisational leadership and funding comes from our 450,000 members. Closed trade union meeting records cannot be openly shared online due to GDPR requirements. As a professionally accredited archive service we have found an innovative way to deliver digital preservation, data protection and organisational transparency whilst promoting nursing history. The creation of a member-only portal has opened the RCN collections to our key stakeholders by adding a seamless second layer to our public digital archive.

UNHCR Records and Archives

UNHCR is at the forefront of one of the most critical crises facing the world in the 21st century – that of displacement. 75.9 million people - 1 percent of the world’s population - have fled their homes due to conflict or persecution. Preserving ‘the history of now’, for present and future generations has never been more complex or essential. UNHCR Records and Archives Section (RAS) preserves not just the legacy of UNHCR work but also of humanity. Though small in size, it supports a global staff of over 17,000 and has an ambitious vision.

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