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Preservation Action Registries Workshop


Jisc Log bigThe Preservation Action Registries project ( is developing a common and consistent way to describe and execute preservation policies and actions at a technical level. An initial data model has been created which defines a human and machine-readable way of describing preservation actions and the associated business rules that together make up preservation policies.

Using a skill acquisition technique borrowed from the medical profession (See One, Do One, Teach One) this workshop will lead participants through a three-step process, intended to improve the participants' ability to develop and describe their own digital preservation policies. The workshop will help participants to better express and share preservation policies in a concise, comprehensive and unambiguous way.  

Participants will be introduced to the PAR project and data model, using examples of working preservation actions and business rules. In smaller groups, participants will be led through the process of describing a new preservation policy using the PAR data model. Finally, groups will present their work to the other groups.

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