A key role for the DPC is to empower and develop our members’ workforces. Our members operate in a competitive and dynamic knowledge environment where roles and responsibilities of staff are constantly changing. It is crucial, therefore, that staff remain informed of, trained in and confident with the new developments and tools which are released and made available. This is particularly important when existing staff are retrained to embrace a new skills set.

The DPC addresses this issue by facilitating training and support activities and creating practitioner-focused material and events:

The Digital Preservation Handbook

The Digital Preservation Handbook identifies good practice in creating, managing and preserving digital materials and suggests ways in which institutions can begin to address their digital preservation challenge. Full of helpful material, tips and videos, the Handbook provides a range of practical tools to help get started in digital preservation.

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Novice to Know-How: Online Digital Preservation Training

Part of The National Archives’ new digital capacity building strategy, ‘Plugged In, Powered Up,’ the Novice to Know-How learning pathway aims to provide beginners with the skills required to develop and implement simple digital preservation workflows within their organisation.

It starts with a broad introduction to digital preservation issues and describes the measures we can take to address these. It then delves into potential workflows in more detail, examining the issues to consider, steps to take, and technological solutions that can deployed. An emphasis is placed on free, easy-to-use solutions, and includes detailed demos of how to use the key tool, DROID. Course content is provided as mix of video, text, and quizzes.

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The DPC Career Development Fund

The DPC Career Development Fund provides scholarships for members to undertake training and personal development opportunities. These scholarships are offered through regular calls for applications, but members are also welcome to nominate relevant opportunities by contacting the Head of Training and Skills.

View current scholarship calls on the DPC News page

Getting Started and Making Progress in Digital Preservation

The DPC offers two day-long training courses for those looking to start addressing their digital preservation challenges. Both courses are aimed at an introductory level and aim to provide delegates with practical advice, skills and solutions that they will be able to implement at their own organisation.

'Getting Started with Digital Preservation' introduces delegates to common digitial preservation concepts and issues before walking them through the firsts steps they can take to manage their digital assets. This includes bit-level preservation, assessing their digital preservation maturity, undertaking a risk management exercise and creating a digital asset register.

'Making Progress with Digital Preservation' provides delegates with guidance on the 'next steps' in developing their digital preservation capability. Presentations and exercises will cover building a business case, drafting a digital preservation policy, developing a competent digital preservation workforce and making practical preservation decisions.

Visit the DPC Events page to find and register for upcoming courses

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Member Briefing Days and Invitational Events 

DPC events provide more detailed analysis of specific topics relevant to digital preservation, often associated with Technology Watch Reports.

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External Training Opportunities

A wide range of digital preservation training and development opportunities are offered by agencies and institutions around the world. A selection of courses offered by DPC members is included below.

Short Courses

Masters Courses


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