This page provides some useful guides, examples and other resources that can help with building a business case and more broadly making the case for digital preservation within your organisation. DPC members can also benefit from the Advocacy support that we can provide to do this effectively.

The Digital Preservation Handbook provides a detailed introduction to making the case for digital preservation within an organisation and is a good starting point for reference material on the topic.

Often when organisations try to adapt or expand their activities in a way that requires additional resources to accommodate its digital preservation activities, it is typical for senior management to request that a business case or briefing is prepared. This should outline the resources required, what the resource will be used to achieve and how this new investment will benefit the organisation. The Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit provides an array of helpful information to assist in the construction of a business case, from planning and preparation all the way through to polishing and communicating the finished case for digital preservation in your organisation.

Communication is critical. Understanding your stakeholders and using the right language to engage with them an essential foundation for establishing digital preservation within your organisation. These resources provide guidance on engaging with particular audiences



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