Applying DPC RAM should be fairly straightforward but there are a few important things to note:

  • The bulleted lists provided as examples within each of the sections are provided as illustrative examples only - you don’t have to tick them all off before you have attained a level. They may not all apply to the context in which you work, or you may have other things that you do that help you reach that level.
  • Make an honest and realistic assessment which level best fits your current capability. If you partially meet a level but would like to do some more work in order to sit comfortably within it, the score (for now) should be the level below. You can always plan to hit the higher level next time around!
  • It is up to you to define the scope of your assessment - you may decide to carry out one DPC RAM assessment for all digital content of long term value held by your organization or you may find it more useful to focus on one stream of content or one department within a larger institution. Use it in whatever way is most useful to you and your institution!

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