Critically Endangered small

Older or less widely used social media platforms to which content has been uploaded but for which no guarantees have been made about the longterm

Group:  Social Media

Trend: New Entry

Consensus Decision

Added to List: 2017

Last update: 2017

Previous category: Of Concern

Imminence of Action

Action is recommended within three years, assessment in twelve months.

Significance of Loss

The loss of tools, data or services within this group would impact on many people and sectors.

Effort to Preserve

Loss seems likely: by the time tools or techniques have been developed the material will likely have been lost.


BeBo, MySpace, Google Buzz and others

‘Practically Extinct’ in the Presence of Aggravating Conditions

Closure of platform; lack of offline equivalent; lack of export functionality; no preservation undertaking from service provider; unstable business plan from service provider.

‘Endangered’ in the Presence of Good Practice

Offline Replication; clear notice periods and alerts; committed ongoing maintenance of service

2019 Review

The judges have revived this entry from initial submission in 2017 that they were not able to assess at that time. It emphasizes the different threats faced by social media users.  Because these services are older, the need to act is more urgent than for others.

Additional Jury Comments

It is to be hoped that some of these have been archived via traditional web archiving and so the remnants of these sites can be found in bits and pieces in various web archives, but it may be too late to save some of the content that is likely already be lost. If some of this is still available there may be hope in trying to preserve but it may be difficult if the platforms aren't willing to share data or work with preservationists. ArchiveTeam has stepped in here too. There is undoubtedly a story here which could be used as a call for arms to raise awareness about the preservation of current social media platforms too

Need to decouple the content from the platform. Critically endangered if the availability of the content is based on non-public access therefore the best you can ever do is sample some content from people who are willing to provide access.

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