Sarah Middleton

Sarah Middleton

DPA 2014: The Cloud and the Cow, Archives and Records Council of WalesAwards12/08/2016 13:08:37
DPA 2014: Inspiring Ireland, Digital Repository of Ireland and PartnersAwards12/08/2016 13:06:36
DPA 2014: Carcanet Press Email Archive, University of ManchesterAwards12/08/2016 13:05:11
DPA 2014: Conservation and Re-enactment of Digital Art Ready-Made, University of Freiburg and RhizomeAwards12/08/2016 13:03:30
DPA 2014: Voices from a Disused Quarry by Kerry Evans, Ann MacDonald and Sarah Vaughan, University of Aberystwyth and partnersAwards12/08/2016 13:02:14
DPA 2014: Game Preservation in the UK by Alasdair Bachell, University of GlasgowAwards12/08/2016 13:01:32
DPA 2014: Emulation v Format Conversion by Victoria Sloyan, University College LondonAwards12/08/2016 13:00:52
DPA 2014: Introduction to Digital Curation - An open online UCLeXtend Course, University College LondonAwards12/08/2016 12:59:14
DPA 2014: Practical Digital Preservation: a how-to guide for organizations of any size, Adrian BrownAwards12/08/2016 12:57:31
DPA 2014: Skilling the Information Professional, Aberystwyth UniversityAwards12/08/2016 12:56:31
DPA 2014: The SPRUCE Project - University of Leeds and partnersAwards12/08/2016 11:27:52
DPA 2014: Jpylyzer, a JP2 validator and extractor - KB (National Library of the Netherlands) and PartnersAwards12/08/2016 11:24:42
DPA 2014: bwFLA - Functional Long-term Archival and Access - University of Freiburg and PartnersAwards12/08/2016 11:23:06
Digital Preservation Awards 2012Awards12/08/2016 10:45:14
Digital Preservation Awards 2014Awards12/08/2016 10:19:46

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