In this issue:

  • What's On - Forthcoming events from August 2012 onwards
  • What's New - New reports and initiatives since the last issue
  • What's What - Happy New Year?, William Kilbride, DPC
  • Who's Who - Sixty second interview with Eleanor Burgess, Royal Museums Greenwich
  • Feature - Accessing ceased or cancelled content with LOCKSS, Adam Rusbridge, UK LOCKSS Alliance, University of Edinburgh
  • Your View? - Comments and views from readers

What's New is a joint publication of the DPC and DCC

In this issue:

  • What's on, and What's new
  • Editorial: Preservation Planning on a Spin Cycle, William Kilbride, (DPC).
  • Who's who: Sixty second interview with Sharon McMeekin, Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS)
  • One world: Tim Keefe, Trinity College Dublin
  • Your view: Commentary, questions and debate from readers
Compiled by Kirsten Riley. What's new is a joint publication of DPC and DCC. Also available as a print-friendly PDF.
  • Curation Costs Exchange

    The Curation Costs Exchange (CCEx) is a community owned platform which helps organisations of any kind assess the costs of curation practices through comparison and analysis. The CCEx aims to provide real  information about costs to help make more informed investments in digital curation.

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